Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Your Moment of Power Is Now

Ancient wisdom from many cultures and cutting-edge scientific experiments performed in modern labs both point to the incredible power of observing the present moment. Tapping into this simple practice can set you free from all obstacles and empower you to manifest everything you desire.

Most people spend their time living in a past that is forever gone and a future that hasn't even been realized yet. For some reason we seem intent on avoiding the present moment with all manner of daydreams and self-distractions.

However, when we allow our minds to be free from regret and anxiety, and focus clearly on the present moment, we have access to the virtually limitless power of mindfulness. By simply deciding to be aware of our bodies, thought processes, and surroundings without getting lost in our internal chatter, we open the door to an abundance of new possibilities.

Enhanced physical energy, the ability to focus our attention more sharply and think more clearly, and a heightened sense of intuition are only a few of the benefits we gain as we practice daily mindfulness.

By mindfulness, I simply mean the activity of paying attention to what we are doing in the present and letting our minds flow freely without participating in the "mental movies" that make up much of our day.

You can begin this sacred yet simple exercise immediately just by taking account of what you are doing right now.

Feel the physical sensation of your body in the chair.

Allow yourself to hear the sounds around you without becoming distracted.

Read the words on this screen and watch your mind flow without interruption.

Give it a try. You'll find yourself slipping back into a state of distraction after only a few seconds.

It's amazing how difficult it can be for our minds to simply stop chattering away at us and pay attention for as little as five minutes! But with practice it becomes easier, and your whole life begins to open up in a way you never imagined possible.

Key to this entire process is the ability to observe your thoughts as they occur and not become attached to them. Your conscious mind flows like a never-ending stream, and a big part of its job is to identify and analyze everything in your world; but you don't have to identify with or be influenced by every thought you have.

In fact you can choose to entertain only those thoughts that empower your purpose! But that will be the topic of another article.

For now I want to emphasize the practice of stepping back from your thoughts and becoming immersed in your present reality as it unfolds. In addition to wonderful improvements such as greater energy, focus, and love of life, I believe this practice further empowers you to define your personal destiny.

Through Quantum mechanics, researchers have found that a human being can affect the behavior of electrons and atoms by the mere act of observing them! Consider the astonishing ramifications of this statement.

Science has proven that we can directly influence physical reality with thought alone. And the daily practice of being mindful and aware of the moment makes it far easier for us to focus our intentions as we observe the natural flow of life.

By Timothy Aaron Whiston
Author of Your Moment of Power

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