Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What's the problem that spoils Conflict Resolution?

If you're like most of us, at some stage in your life you will have been involved in some way in a serious disagreement or bitter dispute with another person or group of people.

Now, in theory, resolving a conflict - assuming all the parties are mature, sensible and rational people - should be simple and straightforward enough. On the basic level, it will simply be a question of working through the following stages: 

Hear the other person out

Ask them the reasons for their perspective

Explain your perspective 

Explore ways to move forward

That's in theory, but in practice, we all know it's not so simple. Who hasn't experienced times when our common sense flies out the window and even our most basic skills desert us? Even conflict resolution professionals confess to "losing it" from time to time. 

Why? What's the problem that spoils everything? 

Drowning in Co-operation - It isn't too little communication that causes problem in organizations, it's too much. Truth is that many big companies are suffering from a veritable epidemic of co-operation. Productivity is often the first casualty. 

Sharpening Your Conversation Skills - A comprehensive primer for anyone who aspires to become a top-rate conversationalist and enhance his or her social skills. 

Complaint Letters That Get Better ResultsIt's happened to us all; we were treated in such a way that we felt writing a complaint letter was justified. The problem is that, most people, when they write a complaint letter . . . simply complain, often with venom, and then wonder why they are not taken seriously. So what's the key to composing a complaint letter that really gets you the results you want? 

The Words You Use Can Empower...or Confuse - Imagine you’re attending a conference and you can't wait to hear the keynote speaker. During the session, you find the speaker to be both entertaining and inspiring. In fact, you can't wait to put what you hear into practice. 

Then it happens–out of nowhere, you hear these dreaded words, "Let me be honest with you." Immediately your attention is distracted as you ponder the meaning of these words. Perhaps you say to yourself, "Have you been dishonest with me up to now? Should I believe a word you say going forward?" 

Cultural Sensitivity in Business - If businesses want to succeed internationally, cultural sensitivity must be at the heart of everything they do. Read some striking examples of how ignorance of cultural differences and poor understanding of foreign languages have cost companies billions in recalled products and lost goodwill. 

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