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How to Control Any Conversation - 3 Simple Mind Tricks


OK, so to get you started with the right alpha sub-communications, one of the first things I want you to start to notice about your self is how you use your eyes. Because when it comes to doing any of the mind control ticks you will learn your eyes are really important and they're one of the main parts of this whole thing that will let people know that you're the alpha.

1. Eye ContactA person who is in control and a person who's the alpha is not afraid to look directly into someone's eyes and command attention, so the first of the mind control tricks I want to share with you is when you're the one talking the more eye contact you make with a person the more dominant they'll perceive you to be...

I mean think about it like this, if you're having a conversation with anyone even if it's the person behind the checkout at the store then there's always an alpha and a beta and chances are now that you know this stuff you'll begin to notice the dynamics of almost all social situations you're in and you'll begin to recognize if you're naturally the alpha or not.

And what do you want to be, the beta or the alpha?

Of course you want to be the alpha, So the next time you're talking to someone I want you to really begin to notice how much eye contact you naturally give, because if you're constantly looking down or constantly looking away then you're sub communicating that you're submissive and that you have a low social status.

2. Voice ProjectionAnd as well as that, another one of my favorite mind control tricks and what I believe to be the most important thing in all of this is your voice, the biggest predictor of how good someone is going to be when they're just starting out using mind control tricks is their voice, and it all comes down to the clarity and the volume in which they speak.

So as an example, the next time you see two people having a conversation... you can see who's the more alpha just by taking the time to notice how they're projecting their voice, nine times out of ten the most alpha person will be the one with the loudest and the clearest voice.

Go look in any social situation and you'll see that the person with the best voice is always the one with the higher value and once you learn how to use your voice in the right way to sub-communicate high value you'll start to notice that when you talk people will be sucked into your reality because they find you interesting and this makes people feel comfortable around you.

3. Verbal Leading - So as you work on these sub communications, another one of the mind control tricks I have learnt is you also want to adopt the mindset of an alpha and the first thing that I can say anyone who is an alpha has in common is we assume people will follow our lead, so if I'm talking I'm leading the conversation, I'm the one who's coming up with the interesting topics of conversation, or I'm the one with the funny story.

You need to lead every interaction, and I know at first this may seem foreign to you at the start, but you just need to push past this feeling until leading becomes a part of you because leading demonstrates confidence and leading demonstrates dominance which are both traits of an alpha.

So as an alpha one of the mind control tricks you can use is you want to lead every interaction that you're in, and you need to lead physically as well as verbally.

So an example of physical leading would be... "hey... let's go for lunch at that Italian place." because you're physically leading by saying "hey... come on let's go here, let's go to this place".

An example of verbal leading is just leading the conversation, so when you're talking to people one on one or in group situations you are the one who is bringing up the interesting conversation topics, you are the one who is talking about the movie you just saw, you are the one who is telling the jokes or the funny stories and if you watch closely, this is exactly what the controller of a group always does.

Hypnotize Someone - By Cameron Crawford 

Source: Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0


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