Sunday, June 6, 2021

How to keep yourself busy during the pandemic


The Covid19 pandemic has made us a lazy bum and this time we are complaining! While you are waiting for days to pass by in the hope that things will get back to normal, you can certainly pick up a hobby and hone your skills to try something new and interesting.

This way, you can pass your time productively and you won’t have any regrets later for not utilising this free time at home. So, here are some hobbies that might interest you to get out of your comfort zone and do something productive.

Start a podcast

Tired of gossiping too much with your friends all day? We have an idea just for you who love to talk! If you are someone who loves sharing ideas, opinions and giving free advice then might as well take things a notch higher by starting your own podcast. It is simple and easy, all you need is a mic and a quiet room. 


You could join a painting class or get some paints and let your imagination go wild. Get your creative juices flowing and create something that you can add to increase the aesthetics of your house. 


Take this time to get active and do something fun with all your free time at home. Dancing is always a fun activity and you can learn some moves that you can flaunt later in front of your friends. 

Hone your cooking skills

Start honing your cooking skills and you can even take up an online baking class if you love to devour in cakes and pastries. From experimenting with dishes all day long, you might even have a chance of applying for MasterChef!

Learn to play an instrument

Have you been dreaming of playing the guitar or a piano since forever? Now is the time you can make it happen. Just pick up an instrument of your choice and learn to play while looking up online classes.

 Yashasvi Shaktawat, Pinkvilla


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