Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 3

Do you know what these C + letters  are:
C PLUS 1         abbreviation for company                                     CO
C PLUS 1         abbreviation for centimeter                                   CM
C PLUS 2         to trick someone                                                    CON
C PLUS 2         an animal which gives milk                                   COW
C PLUS 3         someone who cooks for a living                           CHEF
C PLUS 3         the action of the mouth when eating                    CHEW
C PLUS 4         the leader of a tribe                                               CHIEF
C PLUS 4         things linked together                                           CHAIN
C PLUS 5         to go from one thing to another                            CHANGE
C PLUS 5         to sail about                                                           CRUISE
C PLUS 6         to be in charge                                                       CONTROL
C PLUS 6         the weather conditions of an area                         CLIMATE
C PLUS 7         an insect often called a "roach"                            COCKROACH
C PLUS 7         a list of days, weeks, months for the year            CALENDER
C PLUS 8         a sweet made from cocoa beans                           CHOCOLATE
C PLUS 8         Traditional, not new                                              CLASSICAL
C PLUS 9         colouring of the skin especially of the face          COMPLEXION
C PLUS 9         brave and fearless                                                 COURAGEOUS
C PLUS 10       an occasion for sharing joy                                   CELEBRATION
C PLUS 10       a contest                                                                COMPETITION

to be a big fish in a small pond
to be a small fish in a big pond
It's often said that's it's better to be a big fish in a small pond than to be a small fish in a big pond.
Example: Some actors may be successful and famous in England (and so are big fish in a small pond) but if they move to America they may suddenly find themselves in a new situation where nobody knows them (and so they are now small fish in a big pond).

 to be going for a song
If you say that a product is going for a song then the price is very, very low. It is very cheap.
For example, if the normal price for a product is $99 and a shop is selling it for $30 then you could say that it is going for a song.

"If you had a dollar," quizzed the teacher, "and you asked your father for another dollar and fifty cents, how much money would you have?"
"One dollar." answered little Johnny.
"You don't know your arithmetic," said the teacher shaking her head.
Little Johnny shook his head too, saying, "You don't know my father."

Unique Personalities

Cynical - Adj. seeing little or no good in other people, believing that people do good things for bad reasons

Eccentric - Adj. having strange, unusual or abnormal habits or tastes (This term is less insulting than strange, weird or bizarre.)

Egotistical - Adj. thinking too highly of oneself, considering oneself better than others

Imaginative - Adj. creative, having much imagination

Indecisive - Adj. unable to decide quickly, not knowing what choice to make

picky   -           Adj. hard to please, too careful in choosing something

sensible -       Adj. practical, reasonable, something that makes sense

sensitive - Adj. easily feels emotion, easily hurt emotionally (can be positive or negative)

sophisticated  - Adj.  representing high culture,  very experienced in life

thoughtful - Adj. often doing things to make other people feel good

Tongue Twisters

Gertie’s great-grandma grew aghast at gertie’s  grammer
A box of biscuits, a batch of mixed biscuits
She sells sea shells on the sea shore
The sheiks sixth sheep’s sick
Peggy Babcock

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