Thursday, June 27, 2019

How Smart Are You With Your Spellings?

Question 1 : What is the word meaning a purchase at a great price?
Answer a: Bargain
Answer b: Bargin
Answer c: Bargane
Answer d: Borgreain
Question 2 : What is the name for someone who looks after sheep?
Answer a: Shepherd
Answer b: Shepperd
Answer c: Shepard
Answer d: Sheppord
Question 3 : Which word means underwear?
Answer a: Langerie
Answer b: Lengerie
Answer c: Lingerie
Answer d: Lungerie
Question 4 : What is the correct spelling of a word meaning right away?
Answer a: Immediately
Answer b: Imediately
Answer c: Immediateley
Answer d: Immidiately
Question 5 : What is the spelling of a dark reddish purple colour?
Answer a: Bargundy
Answer b: Bergundy
Answer c: Burgundy
Answer d: Burgendy
Question 6 : What is the correct spelling of a bright pink colour?
Answer a: Magenta
Answer b: Magente
Answer c: Megenta
Answer d: Migenta
Question 7 : How do you spell the longest river in north America?
Answer a: Mississippi
Answer b: Misisipi
Answer c: Missisipi
Answer d: Mississipi
Question 8 : What is the spelling of the yellow flower associated with Wales?
Answer a: Daffodil
Answer b: Dafodil
Answer c: Daffadil
Answer d: Daffidil
Question 9 : Which word refers to the north pole?
Answer a: Arctic
Answer b: Artic
Answer c: Artick
Answer d: Arctick

Question 10 : What word means the same as to misplace something?
Answer a: Lose
Answer b: Loose
Answer c: Louce
Answer d: Luce

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