Sunday, June 23, 2019

Excel shortcut keys you SHOULD know!

In this tutorial you learn the most useful Excel shortcuts to be able to work faster in Excel. There are many hidden features in Excel that are easily accessible with shortcut keys (you might learn some new features too - check out the bonus tip)
The Excel shortcuts we cover are:
1. Add / remove Excel filter
2. Create a table
3. Navigate larger data by moving to the edge of the data
4. Increase selection of cells
5. Format cells in Excel
6. Auto sum
7. Paste as values
8. Create a new paragraph inside the cell
9. Select data in current region
10. Insert chart on the same sheet
11. Excel Flash fill
12. Select entire row
13. Select entire column
14. Insert a new row / column
15. Delete a row / column
16. Drag a cell or row and paste it in between other cells / rows
17. Hide columns
18. Hide rows
19. Select visible cells in Excel worksheet
20. Insert date and time
Bonus. Select number constants in worksheet

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