Thursday, June 27, 2019

How to Build a Biomedical Startup

I've built an open source app called Dr Source, your personal medical question answering service! It uses a model called BioBERT trained on over 700K Q&As from PubMed, HealthTap, and other health related websites. I used Flutter to build an app around it and present it to you as a more thought out idea. I was excited by what I saw possible with BioBERT's output in Python notebooks, and thought a cleaner interface could absolutely make it a viable business. There are millions of people in this world without access to healthcare, and while this app isn't perfect, an automated diagnosis is better than no diagnosis. I urge you to use this code and video as a starting point in your journey to generate value for the world, and build wealth while doing so. Enjoy!
Code for this video (and presentation):
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