Thursday, June 13, 2019

How to Build an Audience and Other Advice for Creators - Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is a YouTuber. He has over 8 million subscribers to his channel MKBHD where he reviews electronics, drives electric vehicles, and interviews people such as Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates.

Topics Covered: - What does Marques attribute his channel's success to? - The early days - How does he go about evaluating a product? - Features that Marques thought were great that didn't catch on - Peak smartphone? - Folding phones and new trends - Tesla and the EV market - Getting older and staying relevant - New kinds of videos and podcasting - Does Marques feel limited by gear? - Storytelling techniques - Tech vs Marques as the star of the show - Marco Castro asks - What advice do you have for new creators on YouTube? - When did Marques find his voice as a creator? - Overcoming perfectionism - Gut instinct vs data - YouTube comments - Austin Ryder asks - In the early years of his channel, Marques took a several month hiatus from YouTube, but then came back with a new video format and seemingly renewed drive. What happened during those months off that led to the channel becoming what it is today? - Winston asks - What’s your daily schedule? - Ultimate frisbee injuries - Amad Khan asks - Are there any problems that you see or face that you really wish engineers/developers would solve? - Christian Giordano asks - Any tips on how to engage/work with influencers when you are a very early stage startup with little or no money? - The future of creators supporting themselves financially - His biggest challenge as a creator - Long-term goals

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.

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