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Joint Ventures and Article Marketing for web traffic

Learn internet marketing secrets that will make you profitable right away!

Traffic is king online. If you can generate alot of high quality
traffic to your site simply and easily, you stand a good chance
at having tons of success online.

Even if you don’t do any paid advertising, you can still get
traffic from alot of other different sources also. And that’s
what I intend on showing you how to do.

We’ll discuss some traffic strategies that will
allow you to easily get targeted traffic to your site.

These things might sound common to you, but when you put them to
the test, they work out for you every time. Here’s the first
method that you can use to get traffic to your website:

1) Joint ventures
Joint ventures are a great way to launch a business from scratch.
Many businesses have been launched using joint ventures alone,
and it was the catalyst as to why their business was a success.

A “joint venture” (JV) is a partnership between 2 companies where
similar assets are leveraged. You may own a fitness website and
then contact the owner of a vitamin website, and see if they
would like to market their vitamins to the clients of your
fitness site.

Some will say “yes”, and some will say “no”. But the ones that do
say “yes” makes everything worth it. You can experience rapid
sales and traffic, and you’ll be able to start building up your
backend business simply and easily.

2) Article marketing
Article marketing is the process of writing up an article and
submitting it to the article directories. There are many article
directories on the internet, but only the top 3 will bring you
the bulk of your traffic.

Alot of people like to buy article submission software to put
their articles on hundreds of article directories. But this is a
bad strategy.

You won’t get any traffic from these sites because they don’t get
any traffic at all! If you’re submitting there for backlinks, you
will receive some of the weakest backlinks ever seen by man. They
just hold no value.

Your best bet is to submit to the top 3 manually. Leave the
article submission software alone, and don’t use any article
spinners also. You’ll waste alot of money on it.

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