Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The word "No" made me into a billionaire

Investors told me my idea was "dumb" and "wouldn't work". I grew up poor and had to work my entire way through college. Seen as another welfare statistic, I made it my goal to give back to those who deserve it most.

Love or hate a cup of Starbucks Coffee, the origins of the person responsible for their successes has a much more humble and heartfelt story that you are sure to love. Howard Schultz grew up poor. His family were hard-working Americans that fell on hard times and made lived by the paycheck to support the family.
Although this may have been a minor setback, it left a scar on Howard Schultz who always remembered the difficulties his father went through. Although he was Vice President for a company, he dropped it all to expand his vision for the working American people. No, not Starbucks Coffee. Providing basic human necessities to every working employee from the very bottom to the top. Health insurance, Dental Care, 401k retirement, and even adoption assistance.
Instead of holding onto the idea for profits, Howard Schultz decided to give back to those he could; his employees. Now the 232nd richest person in the world, and having built the 5th largest food chain, he still remains humble and hopes no working individual ever has to go through what his family did.
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