Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Number One Strategy To Market Your Business - Go And Tell People About Your Business.

Everyone always asks me how they can market their business. There's SEO, there's paper click advertising, there are all forms of digital marketing, but there is ONE simple tactic that is often overlooked.

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Find me on Facebook: Read more on my blog: Why don't you just go out there and tell people about your business? Just think about that. Telling people that you do something specific has an impact where more people get to know your brand, they'll get to know what you're doing, and it'll generate more leads and sales. It is that simple. And you know what? Even I'm guilty of making this mistake. For example, did you know that I've co-founded and ad agency call Neil Patel Digital? Most of you guys don't know that. Why is that? Because I never told people hey, I have an ad agency. It's so silly. I speak all the time at conferences, yet I don't tell people that. And the same goes for you, there's nothing wrong in telling people what do you do, what's your company, why are you great, and why people should be signing up with you over the competition. Yes, that may seem self-promotional, but that's okay. If you're too afraid to promote your own business, you're not going to generate any sales. You're not cut out to be an entrepreneur. You're not cut out to be a marketer. There's nothing wrong with that. How else do you expect people to buy from you? You can't just rely on SEO. You can't just rely on email marketing. You can't just rely on Facebook marketing. When you do that kind of stuff, what happens? SEO, Google changes the algorithm and boom, there goes your traffic. Yes, there's a way you can maintain your traffic over time and adapt to those algorithms, but still, you don't want to be relying on them. Facebook they did an algorithm update, and now barely anyone is getting traffic from Facebook. Heck, I was reading an article on TechCrunch the other day, and it was talking about how a company folded because they just got crushed by Facebook's new algorithm update. It was a company that raised capital, and they were trying to sell to a big media company yet they folded just because of one update that Facebook ended up rolling out. Email marketing, Gmail has the other inbox that other tab, right? Were all your newsletters and everything goes? All your social promotions. You keep sending emails, that's where you get a majority of your revenue, Google rolls that out, boom, your revenue's crushed. There's nothing wrong with telling people about your business. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't do the SEO, the digital marketing, the link building, the infographics, creating amazing content and videos and podcasting, I'm just saying that you should also vocally tell other people about your agency. I'll start it off for you. I'll tell people about my new company Neil Patel Digital. It's an ad agency where we help small and medium businesses and even large corporations grow. We help you dominate Google, Youtube, Facebook, email marketing, conversion optimization, whatever it may be. But the point is, if I, Neil, loathe being self-promotional and I'm doing it, you should too. It works, there's nothing wrong with it, keep doing it, as well as all the other digital marketing tactics out there, and eventually you will grow.

Neil Patel

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