Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Express Your Creativity to Help You Win - Bob Proctor

Most of our population believe that some people are creative, and others are not. But that’s not true. Everyone is an artist.In fact, we are each creating this very moment.
But, what exactly am I referring to when I talk about creativity?
Bob Proctor explains the importance of expressing more of your creativity to help you win BIG! Click here for a FREE download to help you become more Creative!:
What Is Creativity Anyway? Creativity is the expression of who and what we are in the world. Creativity begins with the imagination. After all, our imagination creates our thoughts; our thoughts create our feelings; our feelings create our actions, and our actions create our results (our experiences). We create the image we hold of ourselves, our jobs, what’s in our bank account, and our relationships with our friends. We even create new cells and a new body every few months. So, every one of is an artist. We create each stroke of the painting that is our life. The ability to create is the hallmark of being human. No other creature can turn something invisible into something visible. What Sparks Creativity? Our creativity is often sparked by dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction breeds creativity because it prompts you to think about changing something about your life or even the world. It was a feeling of dissatisfaction with candlelight that inspired Thomas Edison to create a light bulb to eliminate the darkness and lighten the world.
For you, it may be a desire to change careers, start a business, or build a house. Most happy, highly successful and fulfilled people have created their own way. They have the drive to make life better and better, and they find ways to make it happen. That is what separates them from everybody else. Every day you'll hear people say, "I'm really not creative." Musicians are creative, writers are creative. But do you know something? Everybody's creative. Everyone's creative. And no one is more creative than another. It's just that some people are expressing their creativity to a greater degree than others. How do you tap into your creativity? Well, I think a good way to start doing it is start daydreaming. Just let your mind take off, all kinds of wild things. Whatever you're doing, stop and think, "How could I do twice as much in half the time?" And don't say it can't be done, just because you don't know how to do it. That's how you start tapping into your creativity. Create a problem, and then say, "I'm gonna solve it." Something that you've faced for years. We're all creative, we're creative beings. God created us in that light. And we have the ability to take this power that's flowing to and through us, and we can shape it into anything we want. Take a look at everything that surrounds you. I look here on this set, in this studio. There are lights, there are cameras, there are monitors. It's all an expression of somebody's idea. There are paintings on the wall here. They are an expression of somebody's idea. Understand, you have creativity. You are a very creative being. God's made you that way. Start expressing your creativity. Start dreamin', daydreamin'. Let your imagination take you to places you've never been, cause you to do things better than you've ever done them. You are gonna be a lot happier, you'll be healthier, you'll be more productive because you're more creative.
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