Thursday, August 13, 2020

You Can Choose To Be Rich or Not

Look at me. Who am I? I started just like YOU.

I'm just an 'ordinary' 29-year old but I have somehow achieved some extraordinary results in my life.

I didn't have anything when I got started except my mindset and an unshakable attitude to be financially rich. That's all. If I need to obtain something, I'll find a way to get there – I don't just sit around complaining why I can't get there.

One of the men that has impacted my life is Anthony Robbins. In case you don't know, Tony Robbins' seminars are not cheap. But because I knew I needed it, I managed to find a way to get a ticket to his seminar.

No, I didn't beg for money, use sympathy to ask for a free ticket, rob a bank and so on. I EARNED IT. I started working a part time job and tried to increase my sales commission from the company I worked with at that time.

But still, I didn't have sufficient money to pay for the ticket. During that time, I had asked for installment payments and luckily, my request was accepted. But guess what?

Somehow, by end of the first month, I managed to make enough money to pay for the whole program just because I change my mindset, understood how to attract money and to take action towards achieving that.

The rest is history and here I am, helping thousands of people to be successful today. I've authored books, spoken at seminars, consulted clients and etc.

What's the lesson here?

No, it's not that I'm smart. The lesson is, THINK DIFFERENTLY.

Think how you can afford it, NOT how 'I can't afford it'.

If you think that I'm trying to sell you new program, the CB Passive Income Program, the answer is YES and NO.

NO, because my financial life won't change whether you order or you pass it up.

YES, I'm trying to 'sell' this course to you because I know and believe that this course will help you if you absorb it and act on it to give yourself a real chance to be richer.

Passive IncomeThis is NOT about me. It's about YOU, YOU and YOU.

Sadly, some people choose to be 'victimized' by themselves!

Weird as it sounds; it feels 'good' to do that so that their excuses can justify their failure. For instance, someone who wants to start an internet business says he cannot do it because he doesn't know how to set up a webpage.

That's true to a certain degree. But I think it's just an excuse they use to stop themselves from being successful.

If you don't know how to create a webpage, go and learn it! If you still can't, then hire someone to do it. The point is, there are tons of solutions to this tiny challenge. Where there's a will, there's a way.

This is not about being stubborn. It's about being practical and moving towards what you want by taking the correct actions.

So do you see how being a 'victim' helps someone to escape from the responsibility of being successful?

People still continue to be victims because sometimes, self-pity gives them what they want. But do you want to try to achieve your goal by wallowing in self-pity or would you rather do it by being an achiever?

Now, not everyone wants to be a 'victim'. Sometimes, they don't even realize that they are victimized by themselves!

If by reading this letter and you realized that you're 'victimizing' yourself, I've done my job.

Are you ready for the good news?

Here it is …


You have the power to choose how you want your life to be. Like Tony Robbins said, 'It's the moment of your decision that shapes the destiny.'

The day I chose to be financially rich and stop giving wimpy excuses to myself, my financial life changed and yours can too.

Choose to be rich now. Educate yourself and actually USE what you've learned. One day, you'll remember this article that sparked you to make the decision to be financially wealthy.

By Patric Chan, Creator of the
CB Passive Income Program
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