Tuesday, October 5, 2021

What are the Benefits of Cashew Nuts?

Cashew is a plant that originates from Brazil. It is highly rich in minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Along with this, it is highly rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats. Cashews are travel-friendly snacks, you can carry them anywhere and snack. It can also be made into non-dairy milk, cream, butter alternatives.

Cashews are beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels, heart condition, losing weight and a lot more. Here is a list of health benefits that cashews offer:

Helps in Losing Weight

According to a study published in 2017 in Nutrients, people who consume nuts are healthy in weight as compared to people who don't. Nuts are high in protein, fibre and fats and for hunger pangs. They are a great help in reducing weight as well. As compared to other popular nuts like almonds, peanuts and walnuts, fats and calories are slightly less in cashews.

Improves Cholesterol Level

There are two types of cholesterol: LDL and HDL. LDL is harmful as it carries fats to arteries whereas HDL protects your heart by carrying LDL cholesterol towards livers. Cashew helps in decreasing the LDL cholesterol level. The inclusion of cashew in the diet helps in increasing the good that is HDL cholesterol.

Good for Heart

According to a 2007 review published in the British Journal of Nutrition, heart disease risk is 37% lower for people who eat cashew nuts more than four times a week. They also help in preventing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as they are a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Prevents Cell Damage

Seeds and nuts are known for their antioxidant content. They help in preventing the damage-causing cells and also shields the body from diseases and reduce inflammation overall. Roasted cashews have greater antioxidant activity than raw ones.

Controls Blood Sugar

Cashew nuts keep a tab on blood sugar levels. They have a positive impact on blood sugar levels. Cashews are rich in fibre. Thus, it can prevent the increase in blood sugar levels by releasing glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream.


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