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What all AI related tools are available in, which are the other similar sites?


TinyWow offers a decent variety of AI-powered tools within their website, covering different areas like writing, image manipulation, and video editing. Here's a breakdown of their AI tools:


  • Paragraph Writer: Generates paragraphs based on your provided topic and keywords.
  • Sentence Rewriter: Rephrases existing sentences to improve clarity or style.
  • Essay Writer: Helps craft essay outlines and generate content based on your chosen topic.
  • Paragraph Completer: Takes partial sentences or paragraphs and completes them with AI-generated text.


  • Background Remover: Eliminates the background from your images automatically.
  • Restore Photos: Attempts to repair old or damaged photos.
  • Profile Photo Maker: Creates professional-looking profile pictures from uploaded images.
  • Remove Person from Photo: Removes specific people or objects from your photos.
  • Change Background of Photo: Replaces the background of your image with a new one.


  • AI Image Generator: Creates new images based on your text descriptions.

Are there similar sites with multiple free AI tools?

There are several websites offering collections of free AI tools similar to TinyWow. Here are a few examples:

  • DeepAI: [] Offers various AI tools like text generation, image manipulation, object detection, and more.
  • Hugging Face: Provides access to a wide range of pre-trained AI models for various tasks like text generation, translation, and question answering.
  • AI Dungeon: [] Focuses on text-based AI adventures and storytelling.
  • Luminar AI:  Offers free image editing tools powered by AI, like background removal and sky replacement.

Things to keep in mind:

  • While free tools are appealing, they often have limitations like usage quotas, lower processing power, or fewer features compared to paid options.
  • Be mindful of your data privacy when using online AI tools and understand their terms of service regarding data usage.
  • Experiment with different platforms and tools to find ones that best suit your needs and preferences.

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