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What are the advantages of individual stock trading?



When discussing stock trading, the main players or manipulators are always mentioned. It is generally believed that the rise and fall of stock prices are primarily controlled by the main players. Therefore, retail investors are often perceived as the weaker side. However, softness can overcome strength.

1. The agility of a small boat reminds individual investors that they can quickly execute buy (position building) or sell orders. Therefore, individual investors should not rush into buying or selling decisions. Especially when it comes to buying, they should never act impulsively. They should learn to be patient and not be afraid of missing out.'

2. I am in the dark, but the main force is in the light. Retail investors are often in the dark, while the main force is in the light. Retail investors opening or selling positions will not attract the attention of all parties. As long as the main force moves, it will be reflected in trading volume, stock price, trend direction, etc., and these reflections will be public information. Therefore, the main force is in the open. Therefore, retail investors must pay attention to this public information, especially the trends of weekly K-line and monthly K-line.

3. Follow my wishes with a full position. If retail investors are optimistic about a stock, they can concentrate their superior forces (full position operation) to fight a war of annihilation, so that the profits of retail investors can be maximized. Even if the main force is optimistic about a stock, it cannot operate with a heavy or full position (the reasons are multi-faceted, including policy regulations, stock price effects, etc.).

4. Buy and sell at my will: Which stocks to choose? When to buy and sell? Individual retail investors can make judgments and take immediate action. However, institutional investors cannot. Institutional investors sometimes have to listen to their superiors, consider their peers, and deal with different opinions from their colleagues, etc... ... It is particularly important to point out here: This is the true embodiment of the ability of retail investors to trade stocks. Only by selecting good stocks and grasping the buying and selling points can retail investors achieve profitability. Therefore, the only way for retail investors is to strive to improve their stock trading skills, reduce the number of mistakes and major mistakes, and then they can do a good job of "buying and selling at their will".


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