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How to Start a Successful Blog and Make Money Online (Over $1,000 per Month)

Are you trying to start a blog and make more money? Here's an outline of how to make over $1K per month blogging.

What most people don't tell you about blogging, it's not about how you monetize.
Monetizing is how you make money.
It's actually about how you generate traffic. If you don't have a ton of visitors coming to your website, you can't make money.
I don't care if you want to make 500 bucks or a million bucks. It doesn't matter what the number is. Without people, you're not going to generate any income.
#1: The first thing you need to create long-form content. If you read any blog post on, what do you notice?
So let's first go over how you can generate more traffic. The content just keeps scrolling and scrolling, and it's long. Why? Because content that's over 2,000 extra words will tend to rank on page one of Google.
Now that we got that out of the way, I want you to go to BuzzSumo. Go to BuzzSumo. Type in keywords related to the topics you want to blog on.
Now that you've got that out of the way, you need also to be blogging on topics that you're familiar with. You have to be blogging about something that you're passionate about. Once you type in the keywords, you'll see a list of all the other popular posts based on social shares.
You want to go super in-depth and be like; you know what? I'm not going to write on ten ways to boost your traffic.
It's sorting the content in your industry based on what's popular. So you want to take those articles. And let's say someone's writing an article on online marketing. They're breaking down ten ways to boost your traffic. I'm going to write about 101 ways to boost your traffic. Do you see how that's crazy? And that's right; it is crazy. When you go so above and beyond, no one's going to copy you.
I'm saying that because there's a lot of people who are crushing it with their blog and they're making way more than I am.
I don't care if you're going after consumers or other businesses, going super in-depth with your articles is what causes you to do the best. It's that simple. Now that we covered the traffic portion let's go over how you can make money. $1,000 a month in blogging isn't much money. 5,000 isn't a lot either. And I'm not saying that because I'm making somewhere in the seven figures per month. So what's the key to doing well? Most people think it's about putting AdSense on your site and getting ad clicks.
But if those visitors don't convert into customers, you're not going to get a single penny. And then there are other forms, such as selling ebooks or digital courses or running webinars and selling people on your products and services. Let's say you have a yoga blog.
Yes, you can make money that way. Some people think it's about promoting affiliate offers. Again, you can make money that way. And if you're not sure what affiliate marketing is, that's all about driving traffic to someone else's website. And when those visitors convert into customers, you get paid. You can still pitch people on a yoga retreat, and you can charge each person $1,000 or $2,000 a month and teach them crazy cool yoga tactics.
Blog visitors don't convert as well as e-commerce visitors, so you want to go after a high ticket item. Yeah, you'll still need a lot more visitors, but when you collect a lead, and you pick up the phone, and you call, and you close them, you can roughly charge them ten times more than if you just sold someone on your website whenever discussing with them.
And me, as a B2B blogger, and I blog about marketing and entrepreneurship, I'm getting clients from my blog who are paying me a minimum of $120,000 a year for consulting, and the numbers go all the way up to well into the seven figures. Now, the point I'm trying to make is charging people more significant amounts is way easier to make money than it is to charge a lot of people 50 bucks. To get someone to buy something from you for 50 bucks, you probably need anywhere from 100 to 300 blog visitors. So if you want to make over $1,000 a month, don't look at AdSense. Don't look at affiliate marketing. Don't waste your time selling ebooks or courses.
Go figure out a high-end ticket offer that you can be selling, such as retreats, masterminds, coaching, consulting, and sell that.

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