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to pull somebody's leg
If someone pulls someone else's leg then they are telling them something unbelievable, probably so that they can have a laugh at the other person's expense.(What they tell them MAY be true, but it's hard to believe.)
{ Dave: Hey, last night I saw Madonna in a pub in the city centre.
  Paul:     Really?
  Dave:   Yes. She was out with Tom Cruise.
  Paul:     No - you're pulling my leg. }
{ Mary:   Hey, Dave said he saw Madonna in a pub last night, with Tom   
  Cruise! Amazing.
  Susan: He's pulling your leg. There's no way Madonna would ever be in our     
  town! }
{ Brian:    Sarah, I've just checked the lottery numbers. We've got all 6 on our 
  ticket! We've won millions of pounds. We're rich!
  Sarah:   Please say you're not pulling my leg!
  Brian: Honey, I am not pulling your leg.
   Look - all 6 numbers. We've hit the jackpot! }

the grass is always greener (on the other side of the fence)
The original meaning of this idiom comes from when a person would look over their garden fence and think that the neighbor's grass was greener, and therefore better.
     We often use this idiom to tell a person who feels that someone else has a better job,           house, life, garden, etc. that it just seems that way.
The idiom can be used in the short or long form,but just saying "the grass is always greener" is probably the most common, as the listener understands what is being said.
Dave:    I hate my job! All I do is write letters and phone customers. I'd love a job like Mary's. She seems really happy.
     Paul:     The grass is always greener, David. I'm sure she also has lots of paperwork to         do too.

to not stand for something      
If you won't stand for something it means that you won't accept it. (It is normally used to talk about the future - with "won't".)
A manager goes to his staff and tells them that their pay will be cut by 5% because sales are falling. The workers say, "We won't stand for it. If you cut our pay then we will go on strike."
A new teacher goes into class and says to the children, "My name is Mr Smith. I want you all to work hard and not cause problems. If there is
any silly behaviur I won't stand for it – you will be in big trouble!"

Business English
1)I thought this time things were going to be better. Losing the contract was ___ to swallow.      a.bottom line     b. blue collar             c. a bitter pill 
d. back to the drawing board.         e. blow-by-blow
2)We've lost the contract thanks to your incompetence. You really ___ , didn't you?         a. back to the drawing board.           b. bottlenecks         c. bottom line 
d. blue collar             e. blew it
3)I'd be better off stopping my legal job and doing jobs for cash. The ___ is the only way to make money these days.    a.blow-by-blow         b. back to the drawing board.         c. bottlenecks            d. black economy      e. bottom line
4) The product didn't work in the States. As they say there, it really ___ .
a. back to the drawing board.         b. bottlenecks           c. bombed   
d. blow-by-blow        e. bottom line
5)However, the same product sold really well in England. As they say there,
it ___ .            a.back to the drawing board.          b. bottlenecks           c. bottom line  d. blue collar                       e. went like a bomb

Joke: A man went to a shop to buy a hearing aid.
"How much do they cost?" he asked the salesperson. 
"That depends on what you want," said the salesperson. "Our most popular model costs $2000 but we also have models which cost more and less than that." 
The man was unwilling to spend a lot of money on one and so asked, "How much is the cheapest model?" 
The salesperson replied, "Well, the cheapest model costs $4.99."
"Can I see that model please?" asked the man. 
The salesperson showed the man the cheapest model. 
"You just stick this button in your ear and run this little string down to your pocket," he instructed. 
"How does it work?" the man asked. 
"For $4.99 it doesn't work," the salesman replied.

"But when people see you wearing it, they'll talk louder!"

1)    What M is a lodging for travelers? Motel
2)    What D is the lineage of kings? Dynasty
3)    What A is an envoy of a country of high rank sent to another country? Ambassador
4)    What E is the imaginary line that divides the earth into two parts? Equator
5)    What Q is the consort of a king? Queen

Target Practice - For each of the following activities, determine a statement of purpose and what could be the end of these endeavors.
Buying a house       Reading a magazine           Starting a business
Running a mile        Buying lottery tickets

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