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Learn, Relax and Enjoy

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, Three bags full; One for the master, And one for the dame, And one for the little boy Who lives down the lane.         Baa, baa, white sheep, Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, Three bags full; One for the master, And one for the dame, And one for the little girl Who lives down the lane

Cow    -           Sheep                        Butcher -        Grocer                        Arm     -           Leg
Tennis-          Football          Cigar  -           Cigarette

Joke :  A successful optician (that's a person who tests people's eyesight, and who sells glasses and contact lenses) was explaining to a new worker how to charge a customer. "After you have fitted the customer's glasses," he said, "and he asks you what the charge will be, you say,'$50.' Then see if he looks unhappy at  the price. "If the customer doesn't look unhappy you say, 'For the frames. The lenses will be another $50.' "If he still doesn't look unhappy you say, 'Each.'"

Four main reasons for intonation
1.New Information               Eg. It sounds like rain
2.Opinion                              Eg. It sounds like rain, but I don’t think it is.
3.Contrast                              Eg. He likes rain but he hates snow.
4.Can’t                                   Eg. It can’t rain when there are no clouds.

calculated risk- an action that may fail but has a good chance to succeed
They took a calculated risk when they introduced the new computer screen onto the market.
captain of industry- a top corporation officer
The president of our company was a captain of industry and after he retired he was appointed to many government boards.
carry over- save for another time
We were forced to carry over the sale to the Monday after the national holiday.
carry over- transfer (a figure) from one column or book to another
Our company is still facing difficult times and we will have to carry over last year's losses to this year.
carry the day-win completely
The president's new idea carried the day and everyone supported him energetically.

Target Practice - For each of the following activities, determine a statement of purpose and what could be the end of these endeavors.
Playing outdoor games                   Self cooking              Developing IQ
Have  a garden                                 Charity

Story Grid
plane tickets
New York

1)    What F is the quality affecting taste or smell? Flavour
2)    What T is a thin piece of slate made of baked clay? Tile
3)    The word Cerebral refers to which part of the body? Brain
4)    If ‘a’ and ‘e’ are called vowels what are ‘c’ and ‘k’ called? Consonants
5)    What v is an inoculation administered to a new born baby? Vaccination
6)    What Q is a question or mark of interrogation? Query
7)    What L is a Buddhist monk in Tibet? lama
8)     What U is an ideal or a elated state of life? Utopia
9)    Lose : Find : : Leave : Return
10) What R is the dimpling of water on the surface? Ripple

Complete the following sentences by putting the verb into the past tense.
1)Martin went fishing and ..... a fish. (catch) -caught
2)Gabby ..... a prize in a singing competition. (win) -won
3)I ..... the answer but the teacher didn't ask me. (know) - knew
4)Mr Smith ..... me to play the piano. (teach) -taught
5)My brother ..... me by accident in 1980. (shoot)  -shot
6)Moira ..... for her new jumper by credit card. (pay) -paid
7)The sun ..... brightly yesterday. (shine) -shined
8)My friend ..... a good film yesterday. (see) -saw
9)Someone ..... my car a few years ago. (steal) -stole
10)The audience went quiet when the film ..... (begin) –began

Tongue Twisters
A little work,a little sleep,a little love and it is all over
Mr. see owned a saw
The sinking steamer sank
I wish you were a fish in my dish
Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better

Inspiring words
Act – Fearlessly                    Argue – Logically                 Behave – Nicely      
Communicate – Clearly      Dress – Neatly                      Earn – Honestly      
Give – Generously               Handle – Tactfully               Invest – Prudently   
Judge – Impartially              Listen – Attentively              Manage – Appropriately    
Observe – Curiously           Pay – Promptly                     Question – Cleverly
Read – Selectively               Risk – Cautiously                Save – Regularly    
Serve – Willingly                  Spend – Intelligently           Talk – Briefly
Think – Constructively        Work – Efficiently     

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