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Complete the following sentences by adding in, at or on.
1) I went to a party ... New Year's Eve.(on)
2) I'm going to my sister's wedding ... July.(in)
3) The banks open ... 9am.(at)
4) I moved to Vienna ... 1998.(in)
5) I'll call you ... half past ten.(at)
6) The concert is ... Easter.(at)
7) The concert is ... Easter Monday.(on)
8) My garden looks lovely ... spring.(in)
9) I had a party ... my birthday.(on)
10) I was born ... 1968.(in)

Complete the following sentences by adding some or any.
1)I have ..... money.(some)
2)Do you have ..... children?(any)
3)Julia doesn't know ..... good jokes.(any)
4)Can I have ..... coffee, please?(some)
5)Does anybody have ..... suggestions?(any)
6)Joerg doesn't like ..... foreign languages.(any)
7)Georg has written ..... good books.(some)
8)Could you send me ..... information on your company, please?(some)
9)I'm afraid I don't have ..... cheaper items.(any)

 Returns and Refunds
1)to carry - V. to offer a particular item for sale; to have an item in the store
2)a defect - N. a technical problem, a flaw, a mistake in construction
3)to exchange          - V. to change one item for another
4)irritating - Adj. annoying, upsetting, bothersome
5)a model - N. a particular type of a mechanical product
6)a policy - N. a plan or course of action in business or government which is regularly followed
7)to refund - V. to return money a person paid for a product or service
8)to ship         - V. to send something large through the mail
9)store credit -           N. a credit given to a customer which can be used to buy a new product    -(When customers return a product to a store, sometimes instead of       cash they are given a store credit which allows them to buy another product of equal or lesser value.)
10)a warranty -         N. a guarantee given by a company which ensures that the product they sell you is well made. If it breaks too soon, they agree to repair it or replace it free of charge.

Principal and Principle: A principle is a basic truth, policy or value. (The Ten Principles of Effective Management.) Principals are the key persons holding responsibilities in schools or organizations.

Affect and Effect: Affect is a verb: it acts upon something, someone, or an emotion, while effect is both a noun and a verb, and hence comes the confusion. Let's see examples. Affect (verb): Because I have allergy, the weather affects me badly. Effect (Noun): The weather has a terrible effect on me. Effect (Verb): We will implement a new internal communication strategy to effect change. In this sentence, "to effect change" means "to cause change to happen."

 Assure, Insure and Ensure: Assure, ensure, and insure all mean "to make secure or certain." Only assure is used with reference to a person in the sense of "to set the mind at rest": I assured the customer of our refund policy. Although ensure and insure are generally interchangeable, only insure is now widely used in American English in the commercial sense of "to guarantee persons or property against risk."
There are many idioms in English where weliken a person to an animal or an object. Many of them follow the structure "".
as stubborn as a mule
(Mr Smith is as stubborn as a mule. He refuses to do things even when he knows he should do them.) A mule is an animal which has an ass and a horse as its parents. There was a famous film with Clint Eastwood called 'Two Mules for Sister Sarah'.
as blind as a bat
(Without my glasses I'm as blind as a bat.I can't see anything.) A bat is a creature which sleeps by day - but not your boss,lives in caves, and flies around at night looking for food. It cannot see - it is blind.
Batman was bitten by a bat - which is why he is called Batman!
as deaf as a post
(Mrs Thomson is as deaf as a post. You really have to shout when you talk to her.)A post is a piece of wood - or metal – that supports´/holds up up a fence in a garden.In football there are goalposts. If you talk to a post you wan't get an answer. So, because Mrs Thomson cannot hear very well we say
she is as deaf as a post.
as old as the hills
(My neighbour is as old as the hills. She's really old!)
Nobody know how old the hills are.

Marriage is outdated. There is no need for traditional ceremonies in order to recognize the partnership.
Women will never be equal to men in the workplace.
More severe punishment of criminals will reduce crime
There is no survival of any kind after death
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