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Learn, Relax and Enjoy

Here is The Father

Here is the father short and stout (hold up the thumb)
Here is the mother with children all about (hold up the index finger)
Here is the brother, tall you see (hold up the middle finger)
And here is the sister with dolly on her knee (Hold up the ring finger)
Here is baby, still to grow. (hold up the little finger)
And here is the family all in a row(hold up the hand with all the fingers up)

1. It's and Its: - "It's" is a contraction meaning "it is." Example: It's hot today. "Its" is a possessive form. Example: I read the book with all of its 500 pages.
2. You, Your, and You're: While the previous example is a grammatical error, the confusion of you and your is often a typo. You're is the contraction of "you are" and some people confuse it with your. Examples: You're a good person. Your sincerity is admirable.
3. Lose and Loose: Loose can have several meanings in English and is used as an adjective, adverb, or a verb (although that's not very common). Here are some examples: Unattended children ran loose through the store. That person has a pretty loose reputation. But lose is always a verb: His boss told him to lose his negative attitude while serving customers.
4.Compliment and Complement: - If you like your colleague's way of expressing herself, you'll compliment her on her communication skills. Complement is most commonly used to indicate that something completes a set or matches it well. Example: His positive attitude complements his wide knowledge of the product, making him a very effective salesman.

1)To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings
a)retrospection                     b)introspection       c)meditation              d)reflection
2)That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence of real nature of somebody or something a)cover           b)camouflage          c)pretence     d)mask
3)One who loves books a)bibliophile b)bibliophagist c)bibliographer  d)bibliophobe
4)A person who maliciously destroys by fire
a)politician    b)terrorist       c)incendiary             d)activist
5)A sea abounding in islands       a)archipelago       b)ocean c)gulf      d)strait      
6)One who loves mankind
a)optometrist b)anthropologist      c)seismologist           d)philanthropist
7)A person of material outlook indifferent to cultural events
a)materialist  b)philistine   c)uncultured             d)uncouth
8)To talk much without coming to the point
a)circumlocution    b)verbosity     c)garrulousness       d)loquacity
9)Creature equally comfortable in water and on land
a)amphibian b)aquatic       c)aquarium    d)loquacity
10)A paper written in one’s own handwriting
a)manuscript                       b)scroll           c)parchment  d)transcript 

1)    What is Epitasis ?  Nose Bleeding
2)    What was the term used to describe a person qualified to prepare and sell drugs? Apothecary
3)    What is the humorous word  of five or more rhyming lines called? Limerick
4)    Find the odd man: Square, Ellipse, Ratios, Circles ? Ratios
5)    If you were a misocapnic, What would you hate: the smell of tobacco smoke or smell of alcohol? Tobacco smoke
6)    What is the plural of mongoose? Mongooses
7)    Name something found on an insect head and top of a radio? Antenna
8)    What P is a small hand gun? Pistol
9)    What M is a foot race first conducted in Athens? Marathon
10) What G is a person who takes you around in a new place? Guide

Speech Sounds
Consonants and vowel
Intonation -Three ways to make intonation.

Practice Exercises:- 
Noun Stress Pattern
1)Dogs eat bones
2)Mike likes bikes
3)Elsa wants a book
4)Adam plays pool
5)Bobby needs some money
6)Susie combs her hair
7)John lives in France
8)Nelly teaches French
9)Ben writes articles
10)Keys open locks
11)Jerry makes music
12)Jean sells some apples
13)Carol paints the car
14)Bill and I fix the bikes
15)Ann and Ed call the kids
16)The kids like the candy
17)The girls have a choice
18)The boys need some help

Tongue Twisters
I feel a feel a funny feel
A funny feel I feel
If you feel the feel I feel
I feel the feel you Feel
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