Thursday, September 27, 2018

Websites that help you to expand your knowledge base and become smart

These are 10 useful websites that will make you smarter. With so many great resources on the internet, just about everything that you would ever want to know is available online. In this special edition in the useful website’s series, I will show you 10 websites that will expand your knowledge base to make you smarter. In no particular order, some of these will be well-known sites, along with websites you may have heard of before. 0:27 Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice 1:07 Learn to Code 1:47 Learn How Everything Works 2:08 Free Online Course Materials 2:52 Learn About Science 3:23 Lessons Worth Sharing 3:51 Free Online Courses & Online Learning 4:18 How to Make Anything 4:48 Kings of the Maker Movement 5:31 Do It Yourself Khan Academy HowStuffWorks MIT OpenCourseWare Discover Magazine TED-Ed Alison Instructables Make Do It Yourself ----------------------------------------------- WATCH MORE VIDEOS… Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Right Now! Top 5 Best Torrent Clients (2018) 5 Useful Apps That Block Annoying Robocalls How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die! 10 Amazing TV Shows You Wish You Knew Earlier! Twitter - Facebook -
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