Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What causes anxiety and How to cope with it

Anxiety… it is something I am far too familiar with. For my entire life up until my ear 40s I battled with debilitating anxiety, about absolutely everything. Worried about what people thought of me, worried about pleasing people I was in a relationship with, worried about passing a test but being so paralyzed I couldn’t bring myself to study. I know it…very well.

And now that I am on the other side of two decades of being on Zoloft to help me get my life back, I know this, too: Anxiety is NOT a disease. It does not own you. A lot of people hate hearing this. I was one of them.
In this video I talk about refining the skill of rewiring your mindset, one moment at a time. The question I get most often is: HOW, MEL? How can I get rid of my anxiety.
And, l think you know this, but in case you don’t, I’m not a therapist. I’ve suffered from anxiety for decades. I’ve studied it and the leading research for 10 years. And I have cured myself and taught these simple techniques to my kids and over hundred thousand people in live audiences. They work. But you have to use them over and over. You know what else works? Professional treatment. So, if you have a medical concern, consult your health care provider. And if the quality of your life is suffering because of triggers, worry or anxiety–don’t try to be a hero. Go get a therapist because we all need help facing our issues and healing our minds.
Watch this video and start conquering your anxiety…today.
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