Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Environment Protection - Committed Affirmative Action Needed

Awareness of Global warming and threat to life on earth, due to man’s greed and unrestricted exploitation of fossil fuels has been with us for over decades. During the ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 global leaders from 172 countries formally recognized the threat and planned to bring down Co/Co2 emissions and the Kyoto Protocol (1997) made Nations to take graded responsibilities, Environmentalists have been crying at the top of their voice ‘Save Earth’. Actually the Earth will save itself but destroy the irritants, the humans, who are causing the environmental degradation and global warming.

We must recognize the dire warnings by Earth to us through climate change, natural disasters of flooding, melting of ice caps, depletion of glaciers etc. In the climate change summits  countries shared their fear and vision to co-operate and take action to contain global warming, by reducing the use of fossil fuels, and resorting to solar and other clean energy sources, and reduce consumption of energy and materials and focus on sustainable development. Governments can make policies and plans, but we the World citizens have to commit ourselves to the vision & plans. 

We must own this world and environment and protect the same through committed affirmative action. That is where our ethical responsibility counts. Our present and future citizens must appreciate the vision and share the vision and action plans and become part of the solutions, as we are really the problem also.

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