Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ethics of Sustainable Development

The problem of sustainable development has arisen since the beginning of industrialization, simply because private profits and profiteering have completely ignored the externalities that the pursuit of narrow and short term objectives have imposed on the environment and our natural resources. In an elevation of ethical behavior in the corporate sector this can ensure greater alignment with social goals and higher responsibility to society, then private capital would also be employed in a far more sustainable manner. 

It could then approximate Gandhi's vision of trusteeship and would certainly eliminate the kind of economic distress that the world has seen, which was the direct outcome of unethical actions by the captains of some private corporations serving their own narrow private interests at the cost of social propriety and society’s interests. 

A concerted effort to bring Gandhian messages into the hearts and minds of decision makers would not only help to create a movement towards sustainable development in its widest sense, but also then give us clean air in our homes and surroundings, clean water in our rivers and lakes, rich forest cover and biodiversity across this entire land and stable climate. Absence or the decline in degradation in all of these would clearly erode human welfare and go against every healthy measure of the human condition.

R.K.Pachauri -Gandhian Ecology and the Path of Sustainable Development - ‘Timeless Inspirator - Reliving Gandhi’

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