Friday, July 5, 2019

The Most Valuable Skill In The World

The one skill that is valuable than a college degree
I grew up in a society where degree and school are worshiped. When children get admission to the university, their parents are happy. The children themselves become proud and arrogant because it’s a big deal. When a child graduates from the university, his mother cherishes that graduation photograph than her gold and his father sit down on the round table with his friends and brag about the fact that his child has finished the university.

It’s a big deal, but when I was growing up, I started asking myself what education should look like. Should we think that a university degree is an indication that someone is educated? Should we worship the P.HD holders and the professors of our world because they are the most educated?

I have a different idea and that is; education should be about what you know, and how you use what you know to get what you want out of life. In other words, the end result of education shouldn’t be the degrees but the skill because it’s your skills that make way for you.

And that’s the reason why in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you what I consider the most valuable skill in the world. I honestly think that this skill is far more valuable than any college degree.

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