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Are You a Constant Procrastinator?

Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a hard time to accomplish your tasks on time?
If you are like most people, chances are you are a procrastinator. Most people procrastinate to some degree; the key is not to let procrastination keep you from accomplishing what you have to do or achieving your goals.

Procrastination is when you put your work aside and say you will start tomorrow or next week to do what you have to do, so you can do something that is less important because you feel it is more fun and more comfortable. The procrastinator might work for long hours, but usually on less important tasks, which usually happens due to the lack of prioritizing.

Common characteristics of a procrastinator
1. Afraid to fail
2. Doesn’t believe he can accomplish the tasks
3. Doesn’t know where to start
4. Waits for the right mood or the right time
5. Focuses on the moment of bliss instead of the long term bliss
6. Doesn’t know how to prioritize and manage his time effectively
7. Waits for everything to be perfect before he starts working on the task
8. Says YES to people for many things that they ask and leaves the important work behind.

For these reasons, the procrastinator prefers to do something that he feels more enjoyable at the moment. Unfortunately, he leaves the required and important tasks for a later time, which usually has a negative impact on his life.

To learn how to overcome your desire to procrastinate, follow the steps below:
1. Recognition
Realize and recognize that you are a procrastinator. If you are honest with yourself, most likely you would know deep in your heart that you tend to procrastinate. You should recognize and know your priorities and focus on the most important tasks instead of the less important ones.

2. Know the reasons
Some people procrastinate because they don’t like doing a certain task. For example, some people procrastinate reading a book because they are not interested in the subject. When you know the reasons why you procrastinate doing something, you can learn to change your attitude towards it.

3. Motivate yourself
If you procrastinate just because you don’t feel like doing a certain task and can’t delegate, then looks for ways to motivate yourself so you can accomplish the task.
Here are some ways that can help motivate you:
Promise to treat yourself when you finish working on the task like going on a vacation, buying something for yourself, or relaxing.
Ask a friend or a family member to motivate you in case you start slacking.
Remind yourself of the consequences you will encounter in case you don’t finish the required task.
Remind yourself of the long term benefits you will gain from doing the required task on time.

4. Take small steps
If you are a procrastinator, start taking small steps to accomplishing your goals. For example, if your goal is to write a book, but you think there is no time for it, then spend one hour every day to work on your book. By taking small steps, you avoid working on a task for a long time, which is one of the main reasons why people procrastinate.

5. Learn time management skills
You might tend to procrastinate due to the lack of time management skills. When you learn how to manage your time effectively and prioritize, the chances are you will stop procrastinating. Personally, I prioritize the tasks that I have to finish daily, so I accomplish everything that I need to.

6. Focus
Focus is necessary. Many people start jumping from one thing to another and after a while, they find that they have not accomplished much. Focus on one thing until you finish it.
Always remember the famous proverb by Edward Young: “Procrastination is the thief of time.”

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