Friday, May 8, 2020

Lessons Learned From Expanding My Personal Capacity

1. Choose something you are passionate about
I know I’ve talked about it over and over again on this blog. But there’s a good reason for that: passion does make a difference. The journey to success is long and difficult. If you’re not passionate about the process then you might not be able to go through it.

2. There is a price to pay for success
Success doesn’t come cheap. There is a price to pay for it and you must be willing to pay it. Perhaps that means spending a lot of time to learn a new skill. Perhaps that means sacrificing some of the activities you enjoy.  Whatever it is, you must be willing to pay the price if you want to be successful.

3. The race is a marathon, not a sprint
Understanding this principle could make the difference between a victory (albeit taking a long time) and a defeat.
Some people want an overnight success, but there is no such thing as an overnight success. One of the most successful apps for the iPhone is Angry Birds. It might seem like an overnight success, but the truth that is Rovio (the developer) had worked on mobile game development since 2003. When Angry Birds got popular in 2010, the “overnight” success already had seven years of effort behind it!
So, whatever you want to achieve, be prepared for a long journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Those who endure will win.

4. Learn from the best players
If you want to be successful, learn from those who have been successful before you. Why should you waste time figuring things out by yourself when someone else has? Learning from the best players in your field will save you a lot of time in the process.

5. Get into the real world as soon as possible
Real-world experience can teach you more than the best books can. So whatever you do, try to get into the real world as soon as you can.

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