Saturday, August 15, 2020

How To have more success in future.

To have more success in future and to increase self-confidence. 

The following pointers help you in your life.

1)Concentrate on one thing and become very good at it.

2)Make a list of your achievements and positive qualities. Think about these regularly and forget about your past failures. Others are not as gifted as you imagine. There is no point in running yourself down. If you think small of yourself, others too, will.

3)You have a tremendous undeveloped potential. William James has said that an average man uses only 10% of his real potential. Tap the 90% and see the magic.

4)Considering that we spend about we spend about half our waking hours earning our bread and butter, we can hardly say our lives are fully successful if we have to spend fifty percent of it in work that leaves us dissatisfied, frustrated and miserable. If you find yourself in this position, you better act. It would make your future more successful than the past.

5)Determine what work you consider would satisfy you and then go all out of secure it. this requires courage. Efforts never go waste. Do not easily be put off by thoughts that it is too late or that you are too old.

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