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How to Hypnotize a Pessimist(unbeliever)


There are three kinds of people when it comes to hypnosis:

1. The Believer - they realize that hypnosis is powerful and willingly go into trance. There are some tell tale signs for a "Believer" personality and this is the kind of person a stage hypnotist would pick out of the audience.

2. The Realist - they're unsure about hypnosis but are willing to give it a try. These people usually listen to a hypnotic induction and go under but don't realize what happened to them. It's up to someone else to point out what happened. They also usually only get hypnotized by experts. Not just anyone can hypnotize them.

3. The Cynic - they're the ones who think this just isn't possible. It's a sham and phone baloney that only applies to people who are simpletons and naive about the way the world works.

Have you ever driven home and not remembered exactly how you got there? Did you go the usual route? Or did you take a shortcut? Hypnosis doesn't have to be a deep somnabulistic trance where a deep state of unconscious rest is achieved. It can happen rather naturally during normal conversation, driving and routine and repetitive events.

Hypnosis isn't necessarily about trance (although you will eventually learn how to put yourself into one with the Hypnotic Laws). Hypnosis is simply an altered state of mind. And it's a an altered state you've been in many times without even realizing it.

When it happened you were aware, you were conscious and you were also highly focused or feeling a sense of deep rapport (if it was with a member of the opposite sex it's called 'magic') with someone.

In this altered state your mind is simply open to accepting new beliefs. It's a turning point in your life and it happened because of forces outside of your control. Now it's your choice now to see if you want to enter into this altered state again and make some meaningful changes.

A 15-minute Trance Cures a Life-long Smoker

I'll tell you a story about a smoker (he happened to be my father). As kids we begged and pleaded with him to just stop smoking but he'd never listen. My mother would also beg him to stop smoking but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. The only concession he made to us was to smoke outside the house so the smoke didn't bother any of us.
He smoked from the age of 21 to 46!
After a quarter century of heavy smoking one day everything changed for him. We were at dinner and the waiter and he struck up a nice conversation (in psychological terms this would be referred to as "establishing rapport").

When my father spoke to the waiter I could tell he was taken in by this man. They were about the same age, same ethnicity and they oddly even had the same body language at times.

This man – who we knew for all of 15 mins – was intently talking to my father about things and noticed the pack of cigarettes. He looked at him and I'll never forget what he said:

"Sir, I'm sorry for being so forward but I noticed the cigarettes. They're the same brand my father smoked. He died three years ago of lung cancer. Again, I am sorry for being so forward…but you have a lovely family here. Please don't make the same mistake that he made. You don't want your children to feel what I've felt these past three years".

Guess what happened then?
Guess who just decided to stop smoking?
Guess who on that day, in that very moment throw away cigarettes and gave up smoking for the rest of his life?

You see, my Dad entered into that altered state. He wasn't in a deep trance and he was aware of his surroundings. He was intently focused on what this man said, he felt a real kinship with him and this man's words for whatever reasons just had a powerful impact on him.

What If You Can Create These Altered States On Demand?

You see, he managed to kick a life long addiction that had plagued him for 25 years in a moment. My father had tried quitting in the past. He was never a callous man.
He always took what we said seriously and tried to please us but failed every time.
And then some hypnotic stranger in a restaurant changed his life forever.

Hypnotic Inductions are designed to create these altered states on your terms. You can be hypnotized and you can enter into a deep restful state of mind where new beliefs can be born deep within your mind.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. With the right knowledge and tools you can control it.

By Sanjay Kumar 
Source: The Hypnotic Laws
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