Friday, April 16, 2021

How to live in the present

Have faith in yourself and believe in your ability. Change your mental outlook to achieve emotional balance. Do not remain critical, instead become creative.

While attempting to achieve something if you expect trouble that is what you get. Form a clear picture of success in your mind and you will meet with it in life. Replace thoughts of defeat, fear, anger, jealousy and revenge with constructive thoughts of success, courage, peace, love and amity.

Many ailments like ulcer in the stomach, loss of appetite, nervous breakdown, high blood pressure, attack the man who looks anxious or troubled. When you worry your mind becomes tense. Mental tension is then passed on to the body. Tension causes physical and mental disorders. If you relax the body your mind will become calm and you will cope with the stresses and strains of life.

Learn to live in the present joyfully. There is no life if your happiness will become a reality somewhere in the future. You must live in the present and enjoy peace and happiness right now.

Let things happen. Suppose things turn up you expected, you can try again and again, till you succeed. With every experience and every attempt your knowledge, skill, and confidence will grow. Work with unlimited enthusiasm and absolute faith till you succeed.


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