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How to get rid of bad breath

Halitosis or bad breath

Halitosis or bad breath is often caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth or between the teeth, either from food debris around the gums or on the tongue. It can also be the result of periodontal disease, cavities, or nasal problems.

Avoid these foods

There are a number of foods and habits you might better avoid to prevent bad breath. Foods with excessive spices, cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol can increase the problem of halitosis.

What to do against halitosis?

There are several natural remedies to help you fight halitosis. Here, we reveal some of them.

Aromatic plant infusions

One of the easiest remedies for halitosis are infusions of mint, anise, rosemary, or fennel. You can drink them several times a day to refresh your breath, rinse your gums, and drink something fresh.


Parsley is a very good ally to fight halitosis, because its polyphenols and chlorophyll make it an antibacterial. Besides fighting bad breath, they also help improve your digestion. You can add parsley to your food, but it is especially recommended to chew it fresh.

Apple and carrot

Another recommendation is to avoid spending too much time without eating any food. For this reason, it is recommended to eat an apple or a carrot between meals. These are foods that act as ‘deodorants’ and also help you to eliminate food remains that are gathered around the gums.


Lettuce is a recommended food for eliminating bad breath. According to a study by Ohio State University, lettuce contains enzymes that help eliminate bad odours.

Citrus fruit

One of the characteristics of citrus foods is their vitamin C, which keeps bacteria from reproducing. In addition, these acidic fruits usually contain a lot of water which helps keep the mouth cleaner.


Thanks to its high fiber content, celery is a recommended food to combat bad breath. When you chew it, it promotes the production of saliva that will help keep your mouth moist and clean. In addition, it helps eliminate bacteria from the tongue. Basically, celery does a similar job to flossing but in a natural way.


The common mushroom, Paris, and Portobello have demonstrated their high efficiency in capturing and neutralizing bad odours. Their phenolic compounds capture gases and transform them into soluble substances.

Oolong Tea (Taiwan tea)

This tea is recognized for its antimicrobial properties that act against bad breath. In addition, it is rich in vitamins C, E, and fluorine.


Drinking a lot of water will promote the secretion of saliva, which will help you fight the harmful bacteria that stay in your mouth.


Eating sugar-free yogurt and preferably probiotics is highly recommended. According to a Japanese study, consuming 100 grams of yoghurt twice a day will help reduce the production of sulphur compounds. In addition, it contains vitamin D that will help reduce the bacteria in your mouth.

Aloe vera

In addition to helping you fight constipation, burns, cellulite and stress, the consumption of aloe vera also generates antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. However, its effect is temporary and serves only against the lighter causes of halitosis. In addition, you have to make sure to consume aloe vera in the right way: through infusions, drinks, etc.


The avocado is recognized as one of the best natural mouthwashes. It is a fruit that will help you clean the intestine and thus fight the bacteria that could be the cause of bad breath.

Kefir water

Another product that can generate good bacteria for your mouth is Kefir water. It is recommended to drink it in the morning.


You can chew it a little after eating or consume it as an infusion, because cinnamon is a food with a high bactericidal power that also helps to regulate the intestinal tract and improve the digestion.

Foods you should avoid

It is recommended to avoid foods with a strong odour that can worsen your bad breath, such as onions, garlic, cheese, and anchovies.

Visit your doctor

Obviously, the foods we mention here cannot replace a visit to the doctor. If your halitosis is severe, a physician can surely make further recommendations to help you fight it.


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