How To Create A Passive Income In ONLY 5 Hours

You don't have to follow the same steps that I took to create a passive income. 

There are many ways to create an income that is very passive, but some of them will take more time than others, depending on how much work you need to put in. 

For example, creating a passive income off Clickbank products. Clickbank is simply a site that allows people to become affiliates for other people's products. 

So many people think that creating some type of income is difficult, not to mention creating an income that pays you even while you sleep. This is not impossible and in fact, it doesn't take much to put an extra $10 or $1,000 in your bank account each week. 

The key to any income is finding something that works, replicating it, and perfecting the process along the way. That is exactly what I did here in creating this very simple passive income stream.
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