Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 4

Do you know what these D + letters  are:
D PLUS 1     the person who plays records at a night club           DJ
D PLUS 1     abbreviation for the title of doctor                             DR
D PLUS 2     to colour something                                                  DYE
D PLUS 2     touch or put on lightly                                               DAB
D PLUS 3     dreadful or terrible                                                    DIRE
D PLUS 3     a platform for a lecture or table                                DIAS
D PLUS 4     distance from the top down                                      DEPTH
D PLUS 4     to go bad                                                                  DECAY
D PLUS 5     to hate strongly                                                        DETEST
D PLUS 5     to think out or plan                                                   DEVISE
D PLUS 6     a disorder or illness of a body or plant                     DISEASE
D PLUS 6     going or coming down                                              DESCENT
D PLUS 7     deep, strong love                                                      DEVOTION
D PLUS 7     to pull or tear down                                                   DEMOLISH
D PLUS 8     a substance that removes dirt                                  DETERGENT
D PLUS 8     tasting good                                                              DELICIOUS
D PLUS 9     training to produce self control                                 DISCIPLINE
D PLUS 9     to have an unfavourable opinion                              DISAPPROVE
D PLUS 10   a person's natural qualities and character                DISPOSITION
D PLUS 10   falling to pieces or in disrepair                                  DILAPIDATED

Tongue Twisters

Toy boat,Toy Boat.Toy boat
She said she should sit.
Dust is a disk’s worst enemy
Unique Newyork
Mrs.Smith’s fish sauce shop 

The story of the scorpion and the frog

Once upon a time a scorpion wanted to cross a brook. On the bank he saw a frog and asked if the frog would give him a ride to the other side.

"Oh no," says the frog, "If I carry you on my back you will sting me."
"But why would I sting you when we would both surely perish," replied the scorpion.

The frog eventually conceded that the scorpion had a point, and agreed to the request.
Half way across, the scorpion stung the frog, and they both began to drown.

"But why did you break your word and sting me, knowing it would be certain death for us both?" cried the frog.

"Because it is in my nature." said the scorpion. 

Business Idioms

ball park figure/estimate-a rough estimate or figure
The contractor gave us a ball park figure for the cost of repairing the new building.

bang for the buck-value for the money spent
We were able to get a big bang for our buck when we advertised on the Internet.

banker's hours-short work hours
My brother-in-law owns his own company and is able to work banker's hours with his large staff.
Bean-counter- an accountant
We asked the bean-counters to look over the figures in the new budget.

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