Thursday, December 14, 2017

You Will Be Poor If You Do This! - The 7 Financial Sins

Today we are talking about the things you should never do with your money. These are a few reasons why people stay poor. These are few things poor people do that the rich don’t. The 7 Money Sins are; Sin #1 Most People do not Plan Their Finances. Sin #2 Buying with Consumer Credit. Sin #3 Making Minimum Payments on that credit card. Sin #4 Not Saving for retirement or Financial Freedom. Sin #5 Making Money Decisions Based on Emotion. Sin #6 Focusing too much on money, and neglecting the process. Sin #7 Not Educating ourselves Financially Today’s Book Recommendation: Or a FREE Audiobook with Audible; Check Out These Other Awesome Videos! 10 Things Rich People Do (That the Poor Don’t) How to Get Rich (Rich Dad Poor Dad Brakedown) The 8 Steps to Get Rich Follow Us on Facebook!

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