Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How An Average Person can Create Success.

Why does the average person not reach out and create success?
After all, it's not a big mystery:
You find a great product or service and you get out there and contact people and make it known... then repeat.
They key word here is REACH out.
You have to reach.
So why do so many people choose to show up to a crappy job, all day, every day, for 40 years, instead of reaching out and creating a situation of freedom in their lives?
The answer is: They are afraid.
"Afraid of what?" you ask?
Well, afraid to communicate.
It's a simple as that.
Heck, the average person is afraid to even look directly at another person.
Just go out to the grocery store and start looking at people in a friendly manner. 
Watch how quickly they avert their eyes. 
People are afraid.
Here's the kicker...
They are afraid of literally nothing.
Whatever it is, doesn't exist.
The moment you stop worrying about what people think, and start focusing on helping them to get what they want, you'll start winning.
Once you abandon the nonsensical fear of actually communicating with others, the rest is just repeating the same 7 steps over and over.
That's it.
Please, stop restraining yourself. You are capable of creating what you want.
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