Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kerri Walsh Jennings - The Power of Vulnerability

Olympic volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings embodies greatness. Not only that, she is as open about her insane ambition as she is her insecurities. Despite being part of a team that won 21 consecutive Olympic matches losing only a single set in their 11-year-run, she obsessively studies how to raise the bar again and again. Kerri talks about the continuous process to get better as an athlete and a human on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for weekly episodes → Kerri explains the source of her drive even in moments of negativity. [3:00] Kerri shares how winning the bronze defined part of her journey. [10:35] Kerri touches on living with and learning from her insecurities [19:00] Kerri and Tom discuss examples of greatness and the essence of being great. [30:07] Kerri describes what the next phase of her career looks like. [38:24] Kerri reveals the impact she wants to have on the world. [43:20] QUOTES: "When doing something what's the point of doing it, if a) you're not going to win and b) you're not going to have fun." [4:13] "And I know that through every experience whether it's good and I'm triumphant or bad and I'm exposed, there's opportunity in every single thing. No matter what the face of it is. Defeat or victory." [5:18] "I need goals. I need little goals on the way to big goals. But to only be focused on the big goal at the end, you're just going to lose on life." [13:17] "I don't want to have to prove myself, I just want it to feel good within me. A job well done is a job that feels good when you're done doing it regardless of the outcome." [37:23] FOLLOW KERRI WALSH: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE BOOKS: Tao of Jeet Kune Do [23:45] - PEOPLE: Misty May-Treanor - COMPANIES: P1440 [2:12] -

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