Thursday, April 5, 2018

How to Attract Abundance and Lead a Meaningful Life - Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor explains a world of abundance and teaches how to think abundance in whatever you want.
See yourself with plenty! FREE PDF download!: Do you know, abundance is our birthright. Abundance is our birthright. And everywhere you look, you see abundance. Everywhere you look. There's an abundance of leaves on the trees. There's an abundance of snow in the ground. There's an abundance of water in the universe. There's an abundance everywhere you go. And you and I have the ability to create an abundance. Now you take nothing with you, you'll never own anything. You arrive with nothing, you're gonna leave the same way. It's like somebody said, you come in with no hair, and no teeth, no money, that's the way you leave. But while you're here, you can enjoy an abundant life. You can have all of whatever it is you want. But you have to earn it. Now, what would abundance be in your life? What would abundance be? To one person, it may be different than to another. But understand this, it all starts in our mind. Most people are letting what they have now control how they see themselves. They let their bank account control them. They let the friends they have control them. They let their conditions or circumstance control. That's now where we wanna go. We wanna go inside. Everything starts from the inside out. So let's start over. Let's start over. If life isn't the way you want it now, make up your mind you're gonna start over. You're gonna sit down, you're gonna write out how you do want it. Now, we want abundance, we want an abundance of friends. We want an abundance of money. We want an abundance of all the good things in life that make us more comfortable and have us enjoy life to a greater degree. And you know, we can have it. But we've gotta understand we can have it. We've gotta understand that we have infinite potential locked up within us. We've got a marvelous mind. We can think anything we want. General Viktor Frankl spent the war years in a concentration camp. And he said regardless of the intellectual or physical abuse he was subjected to, no one could cause him to think something he didn't wanna think. All the great leaders all down through history they have been complete unanimous agreement. We become what we think about. Well, don't think lack and limitation. Think abundance in whatever you want. See yourself with plenty, with abundance. Hold the image, and then just think, how can I get this? By continually seeing yourself with it, the way to get it will start to come to your mind. You will attract whatever you need. Because you're getting on an abundant frequency, and it'll all start coming into your life. As you move towards it, it'll come towards you. Abundance, it's your birthright. You've gotta decide on it. Enjoy it. The Universe wants us to have an abundant life. And it is always supporting us in making this a reality. However, we must do our part. We must live in harmony within ourselves and with Universal Laws to create the abundant life we desire. If you’re not living that life right now, it’s perfectly fine. As Bob said in the video, you can start over today. Wipe the slate clean You create abundance from the inside out. And you do that by changing what you focus on. Instead of thinking about the past, your current circumstances or the state of the economy, you think about the abundant life you want—and you do it often. By thinking about your desire every morning, every night, and as many times during the day as you can, you actually begin moving toward it and bringing it toward you. You see, mind is movement, and your body is the physical manifestation of that movement. And concentrating your thinking is like taking a river that’s twisting and turning and meandering all over the countryside, and putting it into a straight, smooth channel. It’s very powerful because it puts all your attention on a single image, and that image dictates the vibration that you are in. @@@ **For more visit our website: ** Subscribe for more: Check out our most popular video series! 1. Search for Meaning Series: 2. The HIgher Side of You: 3. Value from the Vault: Social Media & Website: Website:

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