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How to live life with a purpose

We all have a purpose – something we are destined to do and achieve during our time on earth. And when you live life on purpose - you will experience tremendous joy and success in all areas of your life.

Now if you are not living a life with purpose then you're probably not getting the most out of life. You'll likely find that you're bored, not motivated, frustrated, stressed, unhappy and simply just living life for the sake of living - or you're living somebody else's life.

If any of the above sounds familiar then there's a good chance you're not living a life with purpose.

Now here's the good news - you can turn things around and begin having a sense of purpose in life - everyday - all the time.

Let me show you how.

When you live life with purpose you have a reason for living - you have this sense of excitement when you wake up in the morning - you look forward to your days and can't wait to get started.

Think of it this way - when you take a vacation you do it for a reason and you choose the place you're going to for a reason. Some people will take a vacation to a place like Mexico or some place warm with sandy
beaches because they want to escape the cold and enjoy a nice warm day on the beach. Others might visit a busy city like London, Madrid or New York so that they can visit the museums and dine at great restaurants.

When ever you plan a vacation there is a reason for picking the place you are going to and the time that you are going - there is a purpose.
It could be to relax, explore or discover something new.

Your life should also have a purpose.

When you have a purpose in life you will enjoy your life a great deal - but more importantly - you give your mind, your subconscious mind,
and your spirit a reason for existing – you give it a mission and a direction. And when they have this reason and direction they attract and lead you to more opportunities that will help you fulfill your purpose and enjoy life even more.

Here's how it works. When you have a purpose you also have a certain feeling. Your subconscious mind picks up on this feeling and purpose and begins attracting more situations, people and events that will help you fulfill that purpose and enjoy life. As soon as you have a purpose you automatically draw more good things and positive, helpful people into your life so that you can continue to fulfill that purpose.
Start living life with purpose today 

How To Have Purpose In Your Life

You may feel that you don't have a purpose in life - but that's really not the case.
Instead - you just don't know what your purpose is.

So how do you find your purpose in life?
Simple! Start fresh each day.
Think of each day as a new beginning - one that has a significant meaning in your life – after all it will never come again.

Everyday has a purpose. Every job and everything you do has a purpose.
You're just not seeing the purpose.For example: Let's say you work as a checkout cashier and you go to work everyday thinking that your job has no purpose - and ultimately you feel that your life has no purpose and you're just going through the motions.

Now try looking at things a different way.
Your job as checkout cashier helps people shopping at the store make their payment quickly and easily.

It helps your bosses keep track of what they sell so that they can measure their profits and pay their employees.

This may not be the purpose you had in mind but there is a purpose to what you are doing.

This is the first step. Because as you see purpose in everything that you do - you will begin to believe that you do have a purpose.
When you believe that you do have a purpose - your subconscious mind begins working for you. It begins guiding you to do the things that
will help you achieve a greater purpose and greater success.

Start small and finish big. Start with small daily purposes - and you'll be guided to your greater purpose. We all have one - you just
need to find it. Begin discovering your life purpose today. 

Set some time aside for yourself.

If you want to start living life with purpose it's crucial that you set some time aside for yourself - and during this time your only goal should be to have some fun.

That means doing something that you completely enjoy. What ever it is - take a moment to have some fun.
Don't know what you would do for fun?
Then start by doing something you used to enjoy.

If you like playing golf - then play golf during your spare time.

If you like running around with children acting like a little kid - do that. If you have fun hiking - go on a hike.

What's this got to do with purpose?

When you're having fun you have a purpose - which is to enjoy. That's one of the key goals in life - enjoy it. Next - when you are having fun you give your subconscious mind a chance to help you discover your purpose. If you fill your day up to the point where you have no time to yourself then you don't give yourself the opportunity to discover your purpose.

So set some time aside for yourself and have some fun during that spare time.

Take even 5-minutes to yourself. Read a book, a paper, have a glass of wine, go for a short walk, read a magazine or a newspaper, now you have some time. After a week you can stretch the time to 10 minutes. It's your time - just do something you want to do.

When you calm down, when you are at peace, when your mind and body are at rest - your subconscious mind can work at it's best because it is no longer being bombarded with all kinds of information and it is no longer being sent into many different directions.
Your subconscious will now help you find ways to enjoy your life and have a purpose. 

Begin living life with purpose today. 
Finally - think about having a purpose regularly.
Ask yourself questions like - what is my purpose?
If you don't come up with an answer - that's okay. Just think about the things that you enjoy doing. Think about doing things that give you a sense of excitement.

Tell yourself that you do know what your purpose is. Everyday say - I'm living a life with purpose and enjoying every minute. When you do this you create a belief that you are on purpose. In the process you instruct your subconscious mind to guide you to your purpose.

Think about all the positive things that you do everyday.
Come up with or do at least 3 things everyday that have a positive impact on other people's lives. This attracts more positive people and
events into your life everyday.

By having more positive people and events in your life you begin to experience a sense of purpose - when this happens your subconscious
mind begins pushing you to living a life with purpose.

Your purpose may be to care for a parent. It may be to start a small business that helps people in some way, it may be to be the head of major corporation.

Be open to any and all possibilities and you will uncover your purpose in no time. You can enjoy life. You can have a life filled with purpose. You can experience joy and success in all areas of your life. Begin living life to it's fullest. Make this your time to shine. 

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