Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

1)Which of the following is used to start a very formal letter?
 Dear John    Hi Suzy          My Dear Elaine        Dear Sir or Madam
(‘Dear Sir or Madam’ is a standard way of beginning a letter to someone whose name you don’t know.)
2)Which of the following is a way of starting a formal letter?
Thank you for your letter dated 26th August 2019.
Thanks for your letter, it was great to hear from you.
Thank you for your letter about...
Thanks for dropping me a line...  
(‘Thank you for your letter dated 26th August 2019’ is a formal opening sentence)
3)Which would be a suitable way to introduce some bad news in a formal way? I feel really bad about this but...
I'm sorry to have to break the bad news but...
I regret to inform you...
I'm so sorry about... 
(‘I regret to inform you...’ is very formal.)
4)Which of the following is an expression suitable for a formal letter?
Regards to Jane
Please give my regards to Jane
Say hi to Jane
Give Jane my best wishes          
(Regards to Jane’ is a semi-formal expression).
5)Which of the following is NOT a suitable final sentence for a formal letter?
 I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Hope to see you soon.
Looking forward to a swift response.
Looking forward to meeting you.  
(‘Hope to see you soon’ is something you could say to a friend in an informal letter)
6)Which of the following is NOT a suitable way to end a formal letter?
 Yours faithfully         Yours sincerely          Best wishes    Love             
(‘Love’ should be used with friends and relatives. )

Identify the pairs of homophones from the following clues.
7)One word means a place for keeping aircraft; the other word means a shaped piece of wood, metal, etc. on which you can hang clothes. Hangar/hanger.
8)One word means simple; the other means an aircraft: plain/plane.
9)One word means expected; the other word means condensed vapour: due/dew.
10) One word is nautical; the other is central to the body: naval/navel
11) One word means connections; the other is an animal: links/lynx.
12) One word means an occasion; the other is a herb: time/thyme.
13) One word means to hit; the other is a vegetable: beat/beet.
14)One word means permitted; the other means audible: allowed/aloud.
15)One word is a singer; the other is a sum of money. tenor/tenner.
16)One word is an animal; the other is an undercover fighter: gorilla/guerrilla.
17)One word means kind; the other means searched for: sort/sought.
18)One means excluded; the other is a poet: barred/bard.
19)One word is a day; the other is a sweet: Sunday/sundae.
20)One word means pursued; the other means pure: chased/chaste.
21)One word means a woolly South American animal; the other means a Buddhist monk in Tibet or Mongolia: llama/lama.
22)These are the names of two particular people; one is a macho man; the other is a poet: Rambo/Rimbaud.

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