Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

1)He looked at his watch quickly.
      a. searched               b. reached                 c. glanced      d. sobbed      e. raced
2)The robbers looked through the whole house for money.
      a. searched      b. glanced      c. hunted      d. sobbed      e. tossed
3)When she got her report, she was so disappointed that she threw it away.
      a. searched      b. poured      c. roared      d. tossed      e. raced
4)The waiter put Kuala Beer into my glass.
      a. filled      b. poured      c. reached      d. threw      e. tossed
5)When her dog died, she cried very hard for half an hour.
      a. yelled      b. screamed      c. sobbed      d. raced      e. drowned
6)It was foggy and I watched my friend move out of sight into the distance as he walked away.      a. toss     b. throw      c. disappear      d. pour      e. race

7)Would you like some more to eat. No thank you. I've had more than enough already.      a. amount      b. race      c. pour      d. plenty      e. much
8)This road turns a lot.a. races      b. roars      c. admits    d. widens    e. ends
9)Please do this now!
a. immediately      b. later      c. sooner      d. whenever      e. before long
10)Someone who is not strong is ___ .
a. muscular      b. weak      c. pale      d. raced      e. excited
11)When your face does not have much colour, it is ___ .
a. pale      b. excited      c. calm      d. seek      e. painted
12)Another word for quiet is ___ .
a. excited      b. adventure      c. pale      d. calm      e. search
13)A story from the past is called a ___ .
a. account      b. article      c. exciting      d. myth      e. ancient
14)On a clear night, the moon ___ so brightly that you can see your shadow.
a. pours      b. shines      c. excites      d. looks      e. seems
15)A box for keeping valuable things is called a ___ .
a. valuable      b. mommy      c. plenty      d. safe      e. sale
16)Most flowers ___ petals.      a. have      b. haves      c. has
17)Geologists ___ the structure of the Earth.  a. say      b. studies      c. study
18)Insects have six ___ .      a. arms      b. heads      c. legs
19)Darwin wrote a ___ about the evolution of the species .
a. book      b. newspaper      c. sentence
20)Red cells, white cells and plasma are ___ in blood.
a. find      b. found      c. founded
21)Flu, Measles and Mumps are infectious ___ .
a. diseases      b. health      c. ill
22)Future queen bees eat ___ jelly. a. real      b. royal      c. strawberry
23)You can examine very small objects with a ___ .
a. glass      b. microscope      c. telescope
24)Sir Alexander Fleming ___ penincillin .
a. creator      b. discovered      c. inventing
25)You need a thermometer ___ measuring temperature. a. for  b. for to   c. to
26)The trachea ___ air from the throat to the bronchial tubes.
 a. carrier      b. carries      c. carryes
27)What do people sing at Christmas? a. carols      b. lullabies      c. lyrics
28)Which word does not mean lovely?a. pleasant      b. amusing      c. faithful
29)Who offers a house or an apartment for rent?
a. a landlady      b. a charwoman      c. a tenant
30)What do you put on the finger to protect it while sewing?
 a. a thumb      b. a thimble      c. a thorn
31)Who sees that the rules are obeyed in a baseball game?
 a. a judge      b. a referee      c. an umpire
32)What word does not refer to babies?
 a. pacifier      b. milkweed      c. cradle
33)Which word completes the proverb: "Every _____has its day."
 a. tiger      b. dog      c. horse
34)Which word does not mean dismal? a. queasy   b. lugubrious      c. gloomy
35)Who judges points in a soccer match?a. a judge   b. a referee  c. a proctor
36)Which word means fortunate? a. genial      b. lucky      c. lively
37)Which word means behave badly? a. act up      b. act out      c. act on
38)Which word completes the expression: "dead as a _____ nail".
a. finger      b. toe      c. door
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