Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

1)When you put in for a job, you are _____ .
a. an applicant      b. a customer      c. a claimant
2)When a person says: "I took it with a pinch of salt", he means:
 a. he ate it with some salt.      b. he sprinkled the food with salt.
 c. he felt some doubt whether it was altogether true.
3)What is the person who pays rent called?
a. an occupant      b. a tenant      c. a landlord
4)Which word does not mean lazy?
a. idle      b. inactive      c. industrious
5)Don't be too severe on that student; he's very ___ . sensible      sensitive
6)I think I ___ my car keys in the office.      forgot      left
7)He knows it's not ___ to spit on the floor.      polite      educated
8)She receives an average weekly ___ of US$100.      wage      salary
9)It's advisable to ask someone who is ___ to judge the matter.
 disinterested      uninterested
10)The ___ in our school is to punish students caught cheating on exams.
 policy      politics
11)Can you ___ me 5 bucks until tomorrow ?      borrow      lend
12)He's been participating in competitions ___ a professional for a year.
as   like
13)I arrived late at the conference and ___ the speaker's introductory remarks
missed      lost
14)John and Becky ___ vows of eternal love.      exchange      change
15)rose, daisy, daffodil, lily                    -           Types of Flowers
16)Pyramids, Sphinx, Nile, Cairo         -           All in Egypt
17)Mickey Mantle, Carl Lewis, Ed Moses, Linford Cristie    -           Athletes
18)Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierces Brosnan  -All played James Bond
19)diamond, ruby, emerald, jade                      -           Precious stones or gems
20)stop signal, London buses, United Kingdom post boxes, tomato- All are red
21)rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy            - all are types of weather
22)Yankees, Mets, Giants, Dodgers    -           Baseball Teams
23)happy, sad, angry, scared                -           Emotions
 its = The possessive form of it.  it's = The contracted form of it is or it has.
24)  _____ up to you.          Its       It's
25)  I knew what model car it was, but I wasn't sure about ____ color.  its          it's
26) I'm afraid ____ going to be a very long season for the Mighty Ducks. its      it's
27) His fear of ____ being a very long season seemed contagious.  its      it's
there = 1. at or in that place; 2. toward, to, or into that place; 3. used in impersonal constructions in which the real subject follows the verb. their = The possessive form of they. they're = The contracted form of they are.
28) ______ are no excuses this time, Buddy!  There        Their               They're
29) I can't imagine where_______ going after the movie.  There  their    they're
30)It's ________ car, so let them decide where we're going.  There          their   they're
31)Wherever ________ are two or more firefighters in the same room, you know what they'll be talking about.  there               their                they're
32)Whatever ________ doing to this highway, it seems to be taking forever to finish.
 there               their                they're
33)These students have a poor attendance record. I'm worried about ______ being absent during next week's exams.  there               their               they're

'Categories' is a game in which you try to think of words which start with a specified letter and which fit a particular category. Combinations of more than one word are acceptable (as long as they are listed in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, so clock golf would qualify as a sport beginning with the letter C.

34) Name six animals starting with the letter A.
Ans: Aardvark, agouti, alligator, antelope, ape, armadillo.

35) Name six birds starting with the letter C. (If this is too easy, try finding 20 of them.) Ans:Canary, canvas-back, carrion crow, cassowary, catbird, chaffinch, chanticleer, chicken, chiffchaff, chough, cockatiel, cockatoo, cock sparrow, condor, coot, corncrake, crane, crossbill, crow, cuckoo, curlew, cushat, cygnet.

36)Name six occupations or professions starting with the letter D. (If this is too easy, try finding 20.) Ans: Dairymaid, dairyman, dancer, deckhand, decorator, dentist, dermatologist, designer, detective, dietician, director, disc jockey, dishwasher, distiller, DJ, docker, doctor, domestic, doorman, draftsman, dramatist, draper, draughtsman, dressmaker, driver, drover, drummer, dustman, dyer.

37)Name six trees starting with the letter S. (If this is too easy, try finding 12.)
Ans: Sallow, sandalwood, sapling, sassafras, satinwood, Scotch fir, Scots pine, sequoia, silver birch, silver fir, smoke tree, spindle, spruce, sumac, sycamore.

38) Name six items of clothing (things to wear) starting with the letter G. (If this is too easy, find 15.) Ans:Gaiters, galligaskins, galoshes, garment, garter, gauntlet, girdle, glengarry, glove, gown, grass skirt, greatcoat, G-string, G-suit, gumboot, gumshoe, gymslip.

39)Name six musical instruments or terms used in music, starting with the letter F. (If this is too easy, try finding 18.) Ans:Falsetto, fandango, fanfare, fantasia, fiddle, fife, finale, fingerboard, flageolet, flautist, flugelhorn, flute, folk music, folk song, forte, fortissimo, French horn, fret, fugue, furioso.

40)Name six things to eat starting with the letter H. (If this is too easy, try finding 12.) Ans: Haggis, ham, hamburger, hare, haricot, hash, hazelnut, honey, hot cross bus, hot dog, hotpot, humbug, hummus.
41)Name six fish starting with the letter T.
Ans:Tench, toadfish, tope, torpedo, trout, tuna, tunny, turbot.

42)Name five sports that start with the letter S.
Ans:Sailing, shooting, skating, skiing, soccer, scramble, squash, swimming, softball.

43)Name five drinks starting with the letter T.
Ans:Tea, tequila, toddy, Tokay, tonic.

44)Name five composers starting with the letter V.
Ans: Varese, Vaughan Williams, Verdi, Victoria, Vieuxtemps, Villa-Lobos, Viotti, Vivaldi.

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