Friday, February 14, 2020

Vacation - Take a break from work

There might be times at the workplace when you will run around like a headless chicken as a deadline nears. The sheer pressure of work might make you feel like exploding or imploding. This is especially true if you are in the hotel, advertising, airline, public relations, IT, media or foreign banking industry. In which case, you might need to get away from it all once in six months or so. 

Take a break from work and go trekking in the hills, have a ball on the beach or go wherever it suits your budget and inclination. And ensure you don't take anything that's even remotely connected with your work. No, not even your mobile! This is your break from the grind of daily routine, buddy. This will ensure you enjoy your vacation in toto. 

Besides distressing, your body and mind will be recharged and you'll be raring to pick up the gauntlet once you're back in town. 

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