Saturday, February 15, 2020

Moving Away From Stress Thru Autosuggestion and NLP

People sometimes make life difficult by having the wrong attitudes. Perfectionism is top of this heap. Unless you are a surgeon, service or aeronautical engineer, there's no need to make every job a masterpiece. Besides consuming undue time, it's a stress magnifier. Get rid of negative emotions by inculcating positive attitudes. 

There's nothing greater than the power of positive suggestion, which came to prominence innocuously through Emile Coue. A French psychotherapist born in 1857, Coue studied the methods of hypnotist A.A. Liebeault (who cured people of various ailments) and came to the conclusion that the curative power lay not in the hypnotist but the patient. He reasoned that the presence of the hypnotist would be redundant if a way was found to trigger off the patient's power to heal himself. 

Coue evolved the system of auto-suggestion, which was designed to harness the unconscious power of a patient's mind. He devised several phrases to put patients in the right frame of mind. The most famous was: "Every day in every way I am getting better and better." It was not the actual words that mattered but the emotional feeling they engendered. Coue's phrase worked like magic. People were cured of asthma, skin diseases, paralysis and even appendicitis. 

Self-hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are some other tools to foster a positive mindset. In the words of Santhosh Babu, a licensed hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner: "A person may feel nervous about a presentation if his last one didn't go well. This could create great stress. In NLP, I find out how he has coded this information in his nervous system that making a presentation is stressful. I then decode this so that the incident no longer affects him. For instance, if you recall yourself sitting in a roller-coaster, you'll see yourself actually sitting in one. This is a dissociated image. Now if you visualize trees whizzing past and the wind whistling through your hair, it's an associated image… I ask the person to visualize himself making a presentation in an associated manner, but with his favorite song always playing in the background. Thereafter, whenever he recalls the presentation he will no longer find it stressful since his favorite song that's playing in the background is soothing."

Try out all the above for instant destressing. 
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