Wednesday, September 13, 2017

MLM Recruiting Secrets - Passive Marketing vs. Active Prospecting

MLM Recruiting Secrets are not hard to come by, there always seems to be some guru out there teaching the newest Recruiting Secrets and the latest tips for Recruiting for MLM.

Well there is two type of Prospecting-Marketing and most people in this industry find themselves in the wrong bucket. There is Passive Marketing and Active Prospecting and there is a huge difference between the two.

If you're not aware of what the difference is with these two buckets, be sure to read on and check out the video now because we expose the pitfalls and the typical problem that most network marketers fall into.

MLM Recruiting - Passive Marketing
Passive Marketing is made up of the following - Social-Media-Icons1Blogging, Facebook Marketing, PPC, Solo Ads, Email Marketing, Banner Advertising, YouTube Marketing, and there are much more.

Now Here is the deal, we do a lot of these and most serious, successful network marketers are building a brand through all of these different avenues, but they also Actively Prospect (more on that in a minute).

The general idea of Passive Marketing is that you are putting something out into the marketplace and hoping that someone responds.

Take this blog post for example or the video ...we post these and hope that it resonates with some of the people reading it and we hope that they want to join us, be trained by us, or potentially buy something from us.

We are putting out this marketing and this content hoping for a that way, this type of marketing is very passive and may or may not get us a response.

This form of marketing is a LONG TERM play, passive marketing will not yield you results overnight.

Passive marketing takes time to snowball but in the long run, it can create massive wealth, but Passive Marketing by itself will not lead to the type of income you are looking for.

Passive Marketing, when combined with Active Prospecting, will lead to financial freedom.

Recruiting For MLM - Active Prospecting
This is the act of connecting with people either over the phone, in person, through Facebook, Skype, or through a Webinar. This Active Prospecting is what leads to closing sales and getting people to join your team.

Passive Marketing will drive traffic and leads and then the fun stuff that makes you the money is the Active Prospecting.

On the telephone, Another big difference between Active Prospecting and Passive Marketing is that you can start Active Prospecting now and get results today.

Active Prospecting could be going to network events, calling someone on the phone, connecting with someone through facebook, hosting a home party, or connecting with someone in public.

This type of prospecting is critical to quick success. Passive Marketing takes time so we always recommend to your team that they should be doing some Active Prospecting while trying to get their online passive marketing up and running.

Where most Network Marketers fall short is they try to do Passive Marketing only and they end up not sponsoring anyone, they see no results, and they quickly give up.
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