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Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 17

  1. veritable: real; true; genuine.
  2. apprise: to give notice to; to inform.
  3. explicate: to explain.
  4. maelstrom: a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool; also, a turbulent state of affairs.
  5. billet-doux: a love letter.
  6. dissimulate: to feign; to pretend.
  7. adage: an old saying.
  8. histrionic: theatrical.
  9. contrite: feeling or expressing grief and regret for sins or offenses.
  10. lacuna: a missing part; a gap.

What is a short, long sleeved coat called?                                                          Jacket
A green stone found in China and Korea and is often carved is called               Jade
Fruit boiled with sugar and spread on toast is called                                           Jam
A puzzle made up of different shaped pieces which are fitted together again is called a                                                                                                                                      Jigsaw puzzle
Another word for work or employment is                                                             Job
A person who decides in a competition, contest, or in a law case is called a      Judge
A story which is funny is called a                                                                          Joke
The largest planet in the solar system is called                                                    Jupiter
To travel to a distant place is to go on a                                                               Journey
The sound made by keys, coins and especially small bells is called a                Jingle

1)Your father's sister is your ___aunt
2)Your sister's husband is your ___brother-in-law
3)Your mother's mother is your ___grandmother
4)Your sister's daughter is your ___niece
5)Your son's son is your ___grandson
6)Your sister's brother is your ___brother
7)Your mother's brother is your ___uncle
8)Your uncle's son is your ___cousin
9)Your brother's son is your ___ nephew
10)Your mother's father is your ___grandfather

there = 1. at or in that place; 2. toward, to, or into that place; 3. used in impersonal constructions in which the real subject follows the verb. their = The possessive form of they. they're = The contracted form of they are.

1) ______ are no excuses this time, Buddy!  There      Their              They're
2) I can't imagine where_______ going after the movie.  There         their   they're
3)It's ________ car, so let them decide where we're going.  There    their   they're
4)Wherever ________ are two or more firefighters in the same room, you know what they'll be talking about.  there             their               they're
5)Whatever ________ doing to this highway, it seems to be taking forever to finish.
 there              their               they're
6)These students have a poor attendance record. I'm worried about ______ being absent during next week's exams.  there                       their               they're

Many hundreds of years ago a king went to see a fortune teller to see what she could
predict about the future. The fortune teller told the king that one of his wives would die that year. The king didn't believe her and went away laughing.

Later that year one of the king's wives died. He remembered what the fortune teller had told
him and thought that she had caused the death of his wife (that she had made it happen).

He decided to put her to death. He ordered that she be brought before him.
When she was before him he said to her, "You predicted that my wife would die, and she did
die. So you are a fortune teller. Now, tell me this - when will you die?"

The fortune teller realized that the king was planning to kill her, so she thought very
carefully before answering and said, "I will die three days before you do, your majesty."


DAZZLE: Make unable to see clearly or act normally because of too much light. (car headlights) EG. I'm sick and tired of motorists who dazzle the oncoming traffic because they are too lazy to switch to low-beam. Fig. Do something so well that it is incredible, eg, Maradonna put on a dazzling display of ball skills in the cup final. Tom dazzled the examiner with his exceptional knowledge of phrasal verbs.
GLIMMER: Emit a weak uncertain light. The only thing I could see was the glimmer from the luminous dial of my alarm clock. Fig. A glimmer of hope. eg. The last glimmer of hope faded of finding any survivors in the mining disaster when the search was called off after four days.
GLISTEN: Shine brightly, especially on wet or polished surfaces (tear-stained cheek, morning dew. EG: His forehead glistened with sweat.
TWINKLE: Shine with a light that gleams unsteadily. (stars, street lights from a long distance) EG: Our first sight of land was the twinkling harbor lights.
FLICKER: Burn or shine unsteadily. (candle, old Charlie Chaplin film, stroboscope) EG: The candle flickered in the wind.
GLOW: Send out light or warmth without flame. (cigarette end, red poker) EG: The fire had gone out but the embers were still glowing.
SHIMMER: Shine with a wavering or soft light. (moonlight or sea,) The moonlight shimmered on the sea.
GLINT: A small flash of light, usually a reflection on steel or shiny surfaces e.g King Arthur's sword glinted in the sunlight as he led his troops into battle.
SPARKLE: Send out flashes of light. (a diamond) The Queen's diamond necklace sparkled as she entered the room.
SPARK: A flash of light produced by the breaking of an electrical current. EG: The electric heater started to spark so I turned it off.
FLASH: Sudden burst of light. The flash of lightning was so strong that it lit up the street for two or three seconds.

TWILIGHT: Faint half-light before sunrise or after sunset. EG. I could just make out the face of our new companion in the twilight.
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