Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Video Marketing Results, Month 13. How To Grow Your YouTube Channel From Zero With Video Marketing

Are you trying to figure out the best way to approach video marketing? Want to grow your YouTube channel fast? This video holds the secrets that the pros know about growing a YouTube channel fast.
Video marketing is well known to be one of the greatest marketing medium available today. There is an intimacy and connection formed through the video content that is simply not communicated in written or audio format.
When done correctly these video marketing efforts can be leveraged for your blog, website and additional content marketing as well.
13 months ago I started with this channel that had zero subscribers, zero videos, and zero views.
In under 13 months, I have grown to 31,000+ subscribers and over 1 million views.
I started this channel with 120 videos published in 120 days… I call this a video marketing challenge and recommend anyone interested in content marketing begins with either a 90 day, 100 days, or 120-day challenge.
The goal of this kind of marketing challenge is to help you quickly get through the learning curve required to become a consistent publisher on a new platform.
Second, you get to find your voice by forcing yourself to put out video after video after video… Some won't be great, some will turn out to be excellent and out of the process you really find your unique voice.
Third, you will create results if your consistent with publishing for a long enough period of time. Every niche is different, every audience is different and you may reach a million views faster than me, or it may take longer than it took me… But either way, if you're consistently publishing new videos long enough you will eventually get there.
If you want help with more nuts and bolts about how to do video marketing, watch the videos in this playlist:
If you want to look back at some of my other video marketing challenge update videos to see where I was at the 90-day mark, at the six-month mark, etc. watch the videos in this playlist:
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