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Learn,Relax and Enjoy - 26

Changing Jobs
1)to be bought out  -  V. to be purchased, taken over by another company
2)to be laid off  -   V. to lose your job because the company wants to reduce the number of employees
3)Competitive  -  A. worthy of competition, liking competition
4)Dedicated   -  A. very loyal; working hard for a person, company or idea.
5)to downsize  -  V. to reduce the size of a company, to reduce the number of employees
6)to get rid of  -  V. to throw away, remove, eliminate something or someone
7)Outdated  -  A. too old, antiquated
8)to retrain  -  V. to reeducate someone for a job, train again
9)to streamline  -  V. to form into a smooth shape which can easily move through air or water, to improve the performance of something, to simplify a process
10)to update an update  -  V. to make more modern N. the latest information or news

Honorary                                 A post which doesn’t carry any salary
Illegal                                       That which is against law
Illiterate                                    A person who cannot read or write
Irrelevant                                 Not to the point
Impracticable                          That which cannot be practiced
Indispensable                        That which cannot be ignored
Inevitable                                That which cannot be avoided
Illicit                                          A trade which is prohibited by law
Inflammable                            Liable to catch fire easily
Infanticide                               Murderer of infants or killing of infants
Kidnap                                     To carry away a person forcibly
Notorious                                A man with evil reputation
Manuscript                              Handwritten pages of literary work
Novice                                     One who is new to some trade or profession
Omnipotent                             One who is all powerful

Complete the following sentences by adding some or any.
1)Manfred hasn't got ..... money.(any)
2)Would you like ..... wine?(some)
3)The courgettes didn't look nice, so I didn't buy ..... .(any)
4)Do you have ..... good videos?(any)
5)There are ..... beautiful buildings in Preston.(some)
6)I went to a café with ..... friends last night.(some)
7)I can do it myself. I don't need ..... help.(any)
8)Would you like ..... biscuits?(some)
9)I haven't written ..... postcards.(any)
10)Can you lend me ..... money, please?(some)

Monarchy was better than democracy
Woman are the best drivers
Moustache, makes a man look handsome
Mobile phones should be banned from public places
Scientific development is the root of all evil

1)A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc. – Radar
2)An action – Deed
3)Pieces of music for one person – Solos
4)Grass that grows on the seashore – Marram
5)In music, half a semibreve – Minim
6)Doctrine – Tenet
7)Restorer - Reviver

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