Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What Is Success? These Answers Will Surprise (And Change) You

What Is Success? These Answers Will Surprise You (And Maybe Change You) Speakers In Order: 0:00 Tom Bilyeu "Find something you would die for and LIVE for it'" - Tom is the Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Brand "Quest Nutrition" as well as founder & Host of Impact Theory Follow Tom on YouTube: Online: 2:32 Lewis Howes "Success Is Being At Peace Inside Yourself" - Lewis is a NYTimes Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Host & Founder of "The School Of Greatness" Follow Lewis on YouTube: Online: 4:10 Alexi Panos "Success is WHO WE BECOME in the process of our doing" - Alexi is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Coach Follow Alexi on YouTube: Online: 6:46 Preston Smiles "Success truly is, ANY DAY that I wake up" - Preston is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Coach Follow Preston on YouTube: Online: 8:27 Joel Brown "My definition of success is to live in your potential as often as possible" - Joel is the Founder of, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Success coach Follow Joel on YouTube: Online: 11:21 Freddy Fri "Success is leaving this world a little bit better than I found it" - Freddy is a Motivation Speaker and Hip Hop Artist Follow Freddy on YouTube: Book Freddy To Speak: 12:34 Chris Ross "To me, you're successful if you did all that you could do" - Chris is a Motivational Speaker Follow Chris on YouTube: 13:18 William Hollis "Success is a choice. Success is a mind-frame" - William is Motivational speaker Follow William on YouTube: Book William To Speak: 14:00 Vishen Lakhiani "SUCCESS must be viewed at fro ALL dimensions" - Vishen is the Founder and CEO of MindValley, Speaker and Best Selling Author. "Spiritual Lews Of Money" by Mindvalley:: Ultimately what EVERY speaker is saying is that YOU define what success is to YOU. Not what society determines success is, not your family or friends or social media, not a certain amount of money or ‘things’. Only you can define it, and you can HAVE IT, at any time if you: 1. Are working towards something you believe in (Your purpose) 2. Are living every day as the person YOU want to be. That means how you show up every day REGARDLESS of ‘what happens’ We wish that for each and every one of you. Here’s to your success. Download the speech free on our SoundCloud channel: Follow Fearless Motivation for DAILY MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS and other content: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: BACKGROUND MUSIC USED "What Is Success": iTunes: GooglePlay: MP3 download worldwide: License details for music and speech use: Footage: Dreamstime
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